Friday, April 27, 2007

Debate Results? Johnny Ranks the Democrats

OSUNA & VISTA DEL NORTE NE--MaryAnn and I ate brats and watched the whole thing at the home of Joaquin Guerra last night...over two head-busting hours of circuitous reasoning and nuanced performances. Oh...I got pages of notes. But what it comes down to is this: THE RANKINGS. Let's see who won, who lost, and where everybody finished in the pack.

  1. Clinton - Surpassed the expectations most people had of her. Well spoken. Knowledgable. Looked good ...even presidential.
  2. Biden - Able to explain Demo Senate position the best. Seems to have more hair than what I remember.
  3. Richardson - Complex answers to complex problems. Only person to talk about gun owners in a positive light, Africa, splitting up Iraq, and (later in the spin room) a de-authorization of the war. He did seem a different kind of candidate.
  4. Obama - Said nothing he hadn't said many times before...but with less passion. Few specifics. High expectations led to an underwhelming performance.
  5. Kucinich - Warm and fuzzy view of America's future. Came off very well, but not regarded as a serious contender.
  6. Gravel - Been 'under a rock' for 30 years so he pretty much started the night at zero. Curmudgeonesque performance. Is Gravel the new Ross Perot?
  7. Edwards - Soft sell too soft. Disappeared into the crowd. A lot less interesting than his wife.
  8. Dodd - Invisible man. One too many senators.


LP said...

I more or less agree. Only I would have pushed Obama up a slot and Edwards up a slot.

I honestly forgot Dodd was there at times. Richardson did... average. He didn't hurt himself, he didn't help himself. He just... was.

But Richardson can't afford to just be there -- he needs to distinguish himself from the pack if he is going to win.

Anonymous said...

The crack you're smoking must be both flavorful and delirium-inducing.

If you can't recognize the first Democrat to show a pulse and a sense of honesty in a generation, then you need to go back to the videos. This isn't an image contest, hundreds of thousands of lives are on the line. One man has experience in ENDING a senseless war, having read the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional record. The rest (with an exception from Ohio) are going to get more kids killed, more "free trade" treaties written, and more blue and white-collar workers laid off. Half of them voted for the war, you think they're going to magically grow a moral compass in the next few months?

Gravel '08, beeyotches.

Catmoves said...

"One man has experience in ENDING a senseless war, having read the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional record." Experience in ending a war by reading papers into a Record which any Congdressman can change at will? I'm baffled.
I hope anonymous isn't talking about our Governator? Bill R. has an absolutely marvelous spin doctor. If I were running for office, I'd sure want this person. His "honesty" is really shown by his past success. Read the blog here.