Friday, July 13, 2007

A Science Project in Roach City

NOB HILL--During my days at Monte Vista Elementary School the first 5 or 6 years were spent teaching in the basement. One thing was constant: cockroaches. Those things got so big and were so numerous, they could not be ignored. At night, when a picture that was taped to the wall would fall to the floor and land with the tape side up, the next morning there would be several cockroaches stuck to the tape.

At any rate, Andrea Fliss took a couple of those beasts home with her and came back with the most remarkable display, the exoskeletons of those roaches had been peeled back and the long, skinny cockroach hearts were fully exposed and explained.

Andrea is in the middle row, second from the left. She was in my first class at Monte Vista, 1984. She somehow found me and sent the most beautiful email. Here it is:

Subject: hello from 1984 monte vista alumni...

Hi Mr. Knudsen,
I can't say that you would actually remember me, but I was delighted to come across your blog on the Internet. You were my most favorite 5th grade teacher! Me (Andrea Fliss) and my best friend Caitlin Erickson thought you were the best! Our 5th grade class (of I think it must have been 198...4?) met down in the basement of Monte Vista Elementary! I made a display board for the class... The basements 5th grade class Mascots...the cockroaches!!! If you don't remember me, or any of this, I suppose this is all very silly, however in all seriousness, I just wanted to let you know that we, your students are still out there, and are definitely thriving! I am now living in California, I am a fine artist, (Silversmithing), and am now enjoying parenting myself. I have three lovely children, and can only hope that they will in turn find teachers who were as caring and dedicated as you, Thank you for all you did for us.
Anyway, Hello from long past, and nice to see that you have such interesting things going on.
Best wishes for the future,
Andrea Fliss (Berkey)
Monte Vista Elementary Alumni
P.S. Do you still teach at Monte Vista???

I know printing this sounds self-serving, but I just love it when those kids write me!

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Anonymous said...

What a crazy shock to see a picture from Monte Vista as I was cruising through some Albuquerque Blogs. I was not in your class (I had Mrs. Razor on the top floor) but I recognize many of the kids and have kept up with them into adulthood.
Great memory - thanks for the post.

Alison Kay