Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Those Little Lights that MaryAnn Loves

NOB HILL--It looks like we are putting up Christmas lights...and we are. But not for Christmas, which is still almost 2 months away. MaryAnn loves those little lights and this time of year the stores are full of them.

We bought the lights at Walmart: 2 bucks for a string of 70 with white wire. We used 4 strings. We also got fasteners. The lights really are beautiful. Actually the whole world is beautiful in our backyard. Especially when MaryAnn is there. This year it is still so warm that we use the outdoor area quite a bit. The temps are in the middle 70's and it is Halloween tomorrow.

Everything we have done in the backyard has been worth the effort and money. We love it. It is not finished, but still it is so peaceful, useful, (and delicious).

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