Monday, June 29, 2009

Sleepy Time Motel to Bridgton, Maine

This morning was rainy and the highway was wet. This gave way to more rain and wetter highways. Lunch had an intermediate light shower followed by a drizzle followed by heavy showers and rain. Most of our equipment is water proof. We on the other hand seem to be less than water resistant. Breakfast was secured at the local Subway, Chinese, Dunkin Donut express lane at the junction of a highway and an interstate. I am not sure but I don't think that Dunkin Donuts were started by the religion of the same name. The temperature was tolerable and really quite acceptable with little need for a jacket except to shed the water. The lakes "Small Lake" and others were very pretty. I'm sure once illuminated by the sun they must be spectacular. I climbed down to see a tree that had a rope swing that must be used to jump into the stream but by the time I walked through the growth of grasses and weeds I was already soaked. Then the mosquito's smelled me and it was a hasty exit to the highway.
Bridgton had a Laundromat where two young lady's realized that Jon and I had no business in trying to wash our own clothes. They both worked there and had a responsibility to the owner to keep it damaged free. Believe it or not there are procedures to washing clothes in a laundry mat. When they realized that I was taking off everything I owned to wash and dry, they directed me to the Lost and Found. "Please find something in that pile and put it on" as they pointed to a large basket of discarded clothing. After we had loitered for a few hours they assisted us in finding a hotel in the local phone book. I believe they thought we were homeless and were not leaving until the rain stopped. Now we are at the First and Last Motel in Bridgton and are glad to be here.
We have a short day tomorrow to a town just below a hill of 2,900 ft. We will stay there tomorrow tonight and begin the climb on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on your bike ride through Maine! Bridgton is a great little town, and I am headed up to Highland Lake for the Fourth of July tomorrow. I'll wave if I pass you on the road!

Anonymous said...

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