Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tonight: The Blog-In! Be There (or be here)!

DOWNTOWN--In less than an hour and a half we will take up the minimum wage debate in the chambers of the City Council. You can read all about it right here (as well as on the other blogs listed at the Duke City Fix.

I'm taking my laptop, power supply, camera, cables, notebook, and a power strip (for sharing). I hope you can make it...either in person or right here. I wrote about the first minimum wage debate last May. I suspect tonight's meeting will be just as intense!

This is democracy in action. The people speaking tonight may not change anybody's mind, but they will definitely be heard. We will see to that!

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Peg said...

Jon - I can't be there, but I will definitely watch this space and Duke City Fix for reports on the meeting. Thanks for going and reporting back!