Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cougars Deployed to Irag and Afganistan

NOB HILL--A 24,000 pound Cougar? Well, I'd never heard of one...until today.

Defense Update reports the following regarding the new mine-protected armored patrol vehicle.
As of June 2006, there are more than 130 Cougars and Buffalos in Afghanistan and Iraq. The vehicles have taken about 1,000 IED hits without a loss of life, said Wayne Phillips, a company vice president in charge of Marine Corps programs. The vehicle has proven to be superior to less protected vehicles, such as the up-armored Humvee or armored trucks.

They even have a picture of a Cougar damaged after running over a mine: the crew had only minor injuries. Quite a vehicle!

Thanks to BAGnewsNotes for keeping an eye out. keep our troops safe! But what a world when a Sunday drive through downtown Bagdad demands this kind of a Cougar.

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Garth said...

Not to rain on the cougars' parade, but wouldn't it be better to not invade other countries in the first place?