Monday, July 10, 2006

Good-Bye to the Bikes

NOB HILL--Sunday Mike Moye and I leave on a plane for West Yellowstone, Montana. Our bikes left today. We are finishing a bike trip we started 3 years ago. The route runs from Palomas, Mexico to Jasper, Alberta in Canada. We have done a state a year for the last three years.

It has been a route that basically follows paved roads right up the continental divide. I imagine we have crossed it 20 times by now. Last year we made it across Wyoming to West Yellowstone, Montana. Sunday we return there. We have reservations at the same Evergreen Motel we stayed at the day we left. The only difference is we are a year older and a lot less fit than when we stopped last July.

This then is the culmination of 3 years of bike riding...full-loaded bike touring one state at a time. It promises to be spectacular. I will try to keep up this blog as we travel. We are taking a laptop. Also, Mike has his own account of our adventures on Roadrunner Tracks. He has already started, including maps of the route through Montana.

So today we took our bikes to The Bike Coop to be disassembled, boxed, and sent to the Freeheel & Wheel Bike Shop in West Yellowstone where they will be put back together. They should be ready for us Monday morning.

The Bike Coop is also boxing up our trailers, although we will check those on the plane. Greg Overman explained the complexities of fitting everything into a box so there will be no bulges that trip the laser measuring devices UPS uses to fix rates. Even the bottle cages have to come off. The bikes go out today; we pick up our trailers tomorrow.

Make sure to check back...and look at Mike's website (over on the sidebar under "Waypoints") for even more fun on two wheels.

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