Sunday, January 28, 2007

Johnny_Mango's Sunday Wallpaper: Monument Valley

Bob Martin sent me this beautiful shot of Monument Valley. If you haven't spent some time exploring the Four Corners area, you should do it this spring. There is nothing on earth like it. And like everything else in this wonderful part of the country, half of the story is in the sky.


mostly native said...

I'm pretty sure that's Shiprock, not Monument Valley?

johnny_mango said...

It does look like Shiprock...I'll ask Bob.

Pentaxguy said...

Heading north on Hwy 163 a few miles out of Kayenta, I saw this stunningly beautiful scene to the east - a jem for an adventuring photographer and a unique opportunity to share with others.

Though it resembles Shiprock, it is a smaller formation. Also, a photo contest judge suggested flipping the photo from left to right (lateral reversal) for stronger artistic effect (maybe he though no one would notice).

Pentax digital SLR, 12mm wide angle lens, ISO 200, 1/250, f/11, cirular polarizer to intensify the sky and clouds.

Glad to share, and that people enjoy it.

Bob Martin