Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ken Saville and the Beautiful Lindsey Arndt

THE PIT--Right after halftime Ken came over to our seats at the top of the chairback section. "Grab your camera and follow me!" he yelled.

I followed him through the lingering crowds, past the Lobo store, past the food counters, and into an alcove near the women's restrooms. He ran up to a tall woman who was having a conversation with a young girl. Ken threw one arm around the woman's waist and looked back at me beaming.

Lindsey Arndt Day put her arm around Ken instantly. It took a second or two for my small digital camera to focus and flash, but I got the picture. Ken Saville and one of his beautiful heroes, Lindsey Arndt. Lindsey was a member of the 2001 Lady Lobos that reached the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA Women's Championships.

After graduating from UNM, Lindsey did her student teaching at Navajo Elementary School in Albuquerque's south valley. Ken works there as a permanent substitute teacher. Lindsay's student teaching consisted of being a P.E. coach. The regular coach was out for most of the semester and it fell to The Artist Ken Saville to show Lindsey the ropes so to speak.

"I taught her everything she knows," says Ken. Lindsey Arndt got married, and is now coaching at Sandia Prep.

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Anonymous said...

I have a postcard that I've kept for years, bought in the early '80s, by Ken Savile. Did an internet search on the name this morning when I learned that my husband loves the postcard as much as I do. (It had been on the frig.) Is there a way to contact Ken or order more postcards?
I'm Toni Vitanza, Box 1055, Clemson, SC 29631...817-875-8664 (a Texas cell phone), or Toni Vitanza on Facebook.