Friday, February 23, 2007

"My Long Shot is Richardson," says Chris Matthews

NOB HILL--Hardball's Chris Matthews had just finished interviewing Arizona governor Janet Napolitano. She had said the race for the Democratic nomination was not just between Clinton and Obama...that there were a lot of good candidates out there and the voters want to actually hear what they have to say.

Matthews chimed in, "My long shot is Richardson. I think he's going to come up."

Well so do I. It amazes me that he has so much genuine support here in New Mexico. Favorite Sons are not a common phenomenon. Look at Gov. Tom Vlisak of Iowa...he dropped out today 2 years from the election. Polls showed him with only 14% of the Iowa caucus vote.

How can a candidate bring in money and excitement if only 14% of members of his own party in his own state support him? If a poll were done in New Mexico, I bet that Bill Richardson would get somewhere above 70% of NM Democrats supporting him. Maybe even 90%! Everybody I meet wishes him well.

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