Friday, February 23, 2007

Shattered Ruler Still Remembered by Former Student

NOB HILL--I received the following email this evening from former Monte Vista student Yonaton Platt. I found the picture of that class and I sincerely hope Yonaton responds with a little identification help. There are holes in my memory after 31 years in the classroom. Sorry.
I do remember the ruler incident...and both MaryAnn and I were laughing out loud reading the email...which I am presenting right here.

Subject: You broke my ruler
Date: Feb 23, 2007 8:18 PM

Mr. Knudsen,

I was snooping around on the blogosphere and I stumbled onto your blog. I doubt if you remember me but my name is Yonatan Platt and you were my 4th grade teacher at Monte Vista. I do not remember much from my elementary education, but one memory is engraved on my brain for all time. I bought a shatter proof ruler for school in the summer of 1995 and in front of the whole class you tried to prove whether or not it was shatter proof. Well it wasn’t, and my ruler broke into a million pieces. You gave me a white triangular ruler which I still have to this day. Whenever I use ANY ruler and I still think of my shatter proof ruler breaking into a million pieces and flying through the air.

I hope the past 12 years (wow) have treated you well, and I hope you are still continuing to break rulers at my beloved elementary school. After the 5th grade I moved to Shreveport, Louisiana and I now attend LSU in Baton Rouge. I am studying chemistry and will be applying to medical school this summer, and I hope to attend in the fall of ’08.

Please write back, I am curious to know how Albuquerque and Monte Vista are and how you have been over the past decade.


Yonatan Platt

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Anonymous said...

Wow Johnny....that's a cool story. It's amazing how teachers touch the lives of so many people.


Jeremy Jojola