Wednesday, July 27, 2005

John Shows Up...Finally

NOB HILL--There are only two street people that I "do business" with. John is one of them. I saw him this afternoon on Central. He looked pretty well-groomed, but thin. His hair was cut. His shirt wasn't all that dirty. He had clean hands. If you know John, you know that this is good. He has had some problems.

John said he had been in jail for the last two weeks (criminal trespass), and this kept him clean, cool, and fed. Back on the street now, he is living at somebody's house. He walks their big white dog occasionally.

John blesses us whenever we give him some change. And we bless him. You might say that Blessings are his business. He is pretty good at least he leaves me smiling.

I was glad to see him again today. I was worried. He always looks so frail.

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