Saturday, July 02, 2005

On The Road At Last

RIGHT ON THE COLORADO/WYOMING BORDER--Mike and I got a ride from his cousin-in-aw, Sylvia, to the border from Steamboat. We were busy getting our stuff assembled when bicyclists started pulling up. They were a group from Adventure Cycling...11 of them on their way from Virginia to Oregon, stopping to take pictures at the state border. What a nice group of people. We all left at more or less the same time and ran into each other throughout the day at stores and restaurants. They spent the night in a motel in Saratoga. Mike and I pedalled on a couple of miles down the road and put up our tents in the Saratoga Lake campground. We had no idea of the terrible burden they carried that no one mentioned.

Handlebar Readout

Time out: 10:30
Time in: 5:00
Distance: 49.3
Ride Time: 4:13
Average Speed: 9.23
Max Speed: 29.5
Trip: 49

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