Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Muddy Gap to Lander: 88 Miles on Day 4

MUDDY GAP, WYOMING--We didn't leave the refrigerated "Deli Express" display until almost 7:00. I had a breakfast burrito and waited for the coffee to brew. By the way, the owner insists that if anyone stops and beats him in a game of chess they will get a free Italian gelato. Now that's a buck an hour job I might go for. The next stop for us is Sweetwater Station, about 45 miles away. But if you look at the "handlebar readout" notice that we actually went 88 miles today...all the way to Lander. Mosquitoes.

Handlebar Readout

Time Out: 6:59
Time In: 6:20
Distance: 88.09
Ride Time: 8:53
Average Speed: 10:05
Max Speed: 34.1
Trip: 230.6

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