Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dixie Chicks Are 'Not Ready To Make Nice'

USA--Buzzflash (over on the sidebar) has (or had) a link to the Dixie Chicks website. On their latest album they have a song addressed specifically to those who called them names and even threatened their lives when they dared to differ with fellow-Texan G.W. Bush. They are unapologetic. The first song on the album is entitled, Not Ready To Make Nice. You get to hear the song FREE and read the lyrics at the same time.


Anonymous said...

I will NEVER buy another Dixie Chicks album.

johnny_mango said...

I don't know why not... "Not Ready To Make Nice" sounds like it might be your anthem.

Garth Trevethan said...

Oh, that grumpy anonymous is just mad that they were right to be embarassed about being from the same state as Bush (who wouldn't cringe a little from that) as well as right about the war. Anonymous is probably also just jelous that people want to read words written on the Chicks' bodies oh so much very more that would be the case on anonymous' own.

Doc Mara said...

Ah yes, the courage of "anonymous." So that makes exactly 0 albums that he has bought.

Kristi said...

I can hardly wait to buy the new dixie chicks album! (or download it.. whatever.)

NRTN is an awesome song. Good for the dixie chicks for sticking to their guns. =) Good for the dixie chicks for speaking their minds. I'm proud of them. =)

Anonymous said...

The dixie Chicks were right about King George. The war was not justified! No WMD or anything else. The radio stations who do not play need to get off heir high horse and smell the truth.

athena said...

personally i dont listen to the dixie chicks because i like who they are i listen to them because i like the music. I really dont care what they said about bush i just like the songs they wite

Tara said...

"anonymous" needs to realize that there's a thing in this country called "free speech". Get over it. Do you go through life expecting everybody to agree with everything you say?? It's called an "opinion", look it up in the dictionary, you might learn something!!

p.s- I voted for Bush, and I still think the Dixie Chicks ROCK!!!!!!! can't wait for the album

Moe said...

I love the Dixie Chick's music, I voted for G.W.Bush, and my husband proudly fights in Iraq for the USMC. No one must forgive, no one should forget. The past has happened and everyone should move on. There are criminals who get punished less. A great song for them to come out with as artist and people.

Dana said...

Natalie Maines said in January that she was "pretty much done" with country music because she is disappointed in how they've behaved. But yet a lot of the world is disappointed with the way she has behaved but we are supposed to buy her album. I am a huge Dixie Chicks music fan, but her double standards are enough to make me not buy their album. I voted for G.W.; he's under tons of scrutiny because he's the president. The next president will have the same thing. You don't agree with the war, fine. Just don't make it seem like your opinion is the ONLY one and the RIGHT one at that.

Anonymous said...

I think stars ought to realize they are being paid to entertain. If they want the public to care about their opinion they should run for political office.

M said...

Maybe anonymous will think different about George Bush when he has a family member die in Iraq. The Dixie Chicks have ever right to voice their feelings. Freedom of speach....

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, take the music for what it is: well written, from the heart and reflective. "Anonymous" from the top would rethink about not buying the album if it was written by a soldier or someone he agrees with. I guess what i'm trying to express is that one should appreciate good music for what it is; not for what the artist(s) did. I may not agree with "I-will-never-buy-another-Dixie-Chicks-album" but if he/she makes something (Song,book,art,etc) that i like, i will definitely buy it. I applaud him/her expressing his/her opinion, but not his/her judgemental close-mindedness. You wouldn't go far in life by closing gates on everything you hate.

Ashley said...

I'm 15 and I currently have 2 family members serving in Iraq. I support the Dixie Chicks statement. G. Bush should get a life and realize how many American soliders are dying while he sits in his office and does nothing. Go Dixie Chicks!!!!!

Mitch from Canada said...

Dixie Chick were right from the start about Bush. He is one of the worst American presidents ever. Sits back and lets people die, runs up a debt that you will never get out of, but makes a lot of money on the side from oil....awesome guy. Great song, good melody, and great lyrics.

Anonymous said...

The main point here is not whether Gaines was right or wrong, or that it's a "freedom of speech" issue. The point is that in the country music world, fans are generally patriotic - all-American folk who take our freedoms and liberties seriously. The disgusting part of the Dixie Chicks was not what they originally said, but their flip-flopping on the damage control. When Gaines made her original comment, the country was backing Bush, so she suffered as a result. But Democrats like Susan Sarandon and Whoopi Golberg help set up a structure - through their avenues of activism - that specifically stated that we can destroy someone who has an opposing opinion. Two weeks later, Gaines was on TV crying and apologizing, and now miraculously after 3 years of war critics have surfaced, after Cindy Sheehan's revolution, and Michael Moore's documentary - she's "not ready to make nice"?

Can you say "opportunist"? Can you say "disingenuous"?

I think this is as big of mistake as Madonna's politically charged flop - "American Life".

If they thought their career was over before.....

Anonymous said...

what happened to freedom of speech, they have the right to say what ever the hell the what just like me or you... read the lyrics to the song "i am not ready to make nice"... here is a small part of the song...
It's a sad sad story when a mother will teach her Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger
And how in the world can the words that I said Send somebody so over the edge That they'd write me a letter Sayin' that I better shut up and sing Or my life will be over.

this is so true and you should take this into consideration before you judge what someone has the right to say!

Anonymous said...

I don't like the Dixie Chicks a lot. But I agree with the song... You are sick when you teach your child hate and write a letter like that. That is wrong in all ways.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I think it's funny that the guy from CANADA summed it up best. Bush just doesn't suck because of the war, he sucks for tons of OTHER reasons! 70% of the American people think so too. Have you seen his ratings? "Let's take away a woman's right to chose, let's take away rights from gay families, let's persecute the country in ever way possible, while I just sit back and enjoy a cold one at Camp David." Bush AND Cheney are criminals. And I am not surprised that Maines apologized for her statements then came out with this song. When your livelihood and that of your family's is threatened, you will retract anything. Good for her that she isn't afraid anymore. The song totally ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

I think people got upset about Natalie's comment about the President, but I believe the straw that broke it all was when she went after Toby Keith. He quickly showed her who the American People supported more. You are correct we do have freedom of speech, but just because you can sing doesn't mean you opinion is the right one. I for one could give a crap less what the chicks or any other "star" thinks they have lost any sense of what it is like to live in the real world. Anyone can say what they want, but you better be ready to face the music afterwards. If you dont want people to hate you maybe you shouldnt hate Toby Keith and the President. Honestly I could give a crap less about the chicks or if they ever are popular again.

Anonymous said...

so they don't like what's going on. I respect that.

so they feel they must beleaguer the point by cramming it down our throats because they are in a position to reach millions of people through their music. Puke.

I have no respect for an "artist" -- no matter HOW gifted that person is -- who feels he or she must cram his/her opinions down my throats just because of his/her celebrity status. That crosses the line of being a respected artist into the realm of loud-mouth blowhard.

their job is to entertain, to share their gift of musicianship, not wail and whine as loudly as possible. We get enough of that from politicians and hollywood types, we don't really need it from these gals, too!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok for one thing I have never really liked the Dixie Chicks but this is just insulting! What kind of people are they.I mean really who talks about the president on national television or who takes nude pictures! and they have kids! im never buying another c.d. of theirs! ... They should know better.

Anonymous said...

Ok its not Bush's fault what happens in iraq! Don't you people get it! hes doing everything he can to make America a better place! I must be the only one who sees that in him! Or maybe its because I am a Christian...Or maybe its because my parents taught me better! there are a million reasons why the Dixie Chicks did this....You just have to pick the right one!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that Bush is aware of how many people are dying in Iraq. For every soldier over there who hates it and is totally opposed to being over there, there is a soldier who is proud to be representing the U.S. and protecting people that can belittle what they do in the name of freedom of speech. People who are like "the war is stupid. soldiers didn't sign up for the military to die in a war." are ignorant. It's not a secret when you sign up that war and death in a war are a possibility. If you go in the military for a free ride, get off. If Maines is upset because her life got threatened, wake up. There are lots of soldiers right here in the U.S. that lives get threatened for even being in the military. The problem with everyone is not their opinions, it is how they are expressed. My brother is a proud Marine, my dad is a proud retired Army officer, and I am a proud retired Naval officer and each of us would fight in that war (my brother already has) and die just so that Natalie Maines gets to run her mouth.

Kavita said...

I've read anonymous;s comments, and only thing I can say is you really need to open up your eyes and see what's going around you. Face it, usa is a war hungry economy, it's been that way since world war 2. Bush doesn't care about common folk like us. You think the president actually feels a moral obligation to us, or any president in that matter? open up your eyes


Anonymous said...

"I think stars ought to realize they are being paid to entertain. If they want the public to care about their opinion they should run for political office."
I TOTALLY DISAGREE! Musicians have been tied to politics for a very long time! Get this: Musicians (and actors)have a chance to be famous and if they use fame as a vehicle to show their political ties and opinions,so be it! The Dixie Chicks are just exercising that right! Why the hell did Arnold become CA's governor?
I am not anonymous by the name is Sean Paul.

Anonymous said...

"I have no respect for an "artist" -- no matter HOW gifted that person is -- who feels he or she must cram his/her opinions down my throats just because of his/her celebrity status."
YOU STUPID IGNORAMUS! They DID NOT CRAM their opinions down people's throats! It was a little comment made in a concert. The whole concert WAS NOT a lecture about the war! Besides, it was in the UK, you wouldn't understand. SOMEONE OUGHT TO CRAM SOMETHING ELSE IN YOUR THROAT HON!

Lesley said...

That's right...I'm sure all of you people that think she's right to say what she said have fought in a war. Please, I understand comments but these men are over in a dangerous place...haven't negativity and comments about George Bush solves nothing. Support the men that are risking their lives.

These men fight for you to be able to state your comments - don't condemn someone for saying she was wrong.

Melissa said...

Thoughts to consider for everyone....democratic, republican, independent, apathetic.... whatever your stance:

1. Making a choice not to support someone that you previously liked just because they don't agree with your political/religious beliefs is completely rediculous. Are all your friends in complete agreement with what you believe? the lyrics to songs? the companies in which products you purchase? Seriously....its not that big of a deal.

2. People in the entire world of every race, gender, socioeconomic status, religion etc, all have the assumption that whatever they say is correct and no one is going to change their minds....but have you ever considered that all your beliefs in life have been based on what you have been told and raised to think? or have been from the result from what others have taught you in books, music, and other social agents?

3. What makes you so damn right and everyone else wrong? when everything is only your idea of what is true. No offense but really you probably don't have the authority, evidence, power, and most of all EXPERIENCE to know that that is THE reality and not just YOUR reality.

4. Just bc you know someone that has died or served in a war or whatever..just not justify your position. There are many like you so get over one made you god, president, or boss of the world, national policy, religion, and any leader of a troop fighting for any country.

5. Just because someone has a different ethnicity and general ideals than yourself doesnt make you cant decide that they cant think that way....and don't you all see that everyone wants the same thing...and it is somehow possible to co-exist with different beliefs if ppl would respect at a primary level others. no one has compassion for anyone but the ppl that are affected by their own lives. iraqi soldiers have husbands, wives, sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers too.

6. Although I am born and raised American and I love it and have never even stepped out of the country....I am educated and open-minded enough to REALIZE.. there is a larger world outside of the 48 contiguous states. So should you.

7. I am neither conservative nor republican and i don't support organized religion bc everyone i know who has a religion mostly believes in it only bc there parents were that way and feel that other ppls opinions dont count. instead i believe in what others choose bc that is what my country's intentions used to be. and i think its ok to step out of the box and atleast consider what its like to be different and not fear ppl that arent like you. bc ppl like that whether conservative or liberal will really never know what life is really all about. love and respect.

8. if anyone reads this thank you and see the movie CRASH. its the best. lol

Melissa said...

ps. I dont condone any forms of terrorism or violence against innocents however

Melissa said...

ok one last thing:

ppl are going to believe what they believe no matter what. and if they choose to say can't stop them...if you dont like it turn it off...look away...(not turn the other way for social injustice..but if you dont like guys kissing guys or ppl with ten thousand dont have to really pay attention to it!)

ppl are able to proclaim there feelings for a reason. the only reason why you care about what others say is bc you might not like it. but wouldn't you rather it be like that than not being able to voice any opinions? what if we lived like some ppl in asia who still have instilled governmental forms of censorship? or pre-war Iraq..who couldn't make any opinion without fear of one's own life? No one appreciates our country's rights and then we turn around and complain about everything....but we have it fairly nice if you look at some places. A friend once told me Mexico has hair, blood, and sometimes urine in their water. And in Saudi Arabia, women are harassed daily by superior men. And some parts of Asia thousands and thousands of women are forced to be a part of the sex slave industries bc they are desperate to make a living and have to result in foreign pigs paying for sex. and you can't forget about Africa....have you ever watched the news about something besides Bush and the US. Wars occur their like rain does in the Mississippi. Women and children as young as 3 months old are raped and brutally beaten and their husbands cant do a fucking thing about it or they will get their throats sliced by rebel groups caught in political battles. And shouldnt we be focusing on our children of America who have shitty school systems and the poverty levels and the suburbian drug addicts and corporate criminals adn the spread of STD's bc no one really knows what they are doing when it comes to safe sex of and DRUNK DRIVING happens everywhere I go and we wonder why ppl die every how many minutes its bc most adults today drink and drive and smoke in thier childrens faces and give their high schoolers alcohol. we need to look at what we ourselves are doing and let hollywood be hollywood.....problems are deeper than what ppl's musical albums say...they are allowed to think whatever they want. get over it. I am 19 years old and I see more problems in todays society that exist way deeper than the Dixie Chicks and if this really gets to you than I feel bad for you.

LauraS said...

You know what's interesting? Everyone screams about the right to free speech, but what about the right that business owners have to choose not to play a certain band on their radio station? Ever think about that?
Melissa, your oppinion is sweet, but highly contradictory. How in the world can you consider yourself open minded or well rounded when you yourself have admitted that you haven't stepped foot outside of this country? I'll tell you that I have, and my fiance grew up in a middle-eastern country so I have a broader scope than you do. YOU should open your eyes and look at what's surrounding you. The reason why women get beaten in the middle east is because their RELIGION finds it acceptable, not only that, but they COMMEND it. The reason that those other terrible things exhist in those other countries you named is because they have the same view that you do..."If it bothers you, just look away".
What you need to do is to determine where your source of truth comes from. If we are both looking at a wall but I say it is colored green and you say it is colored pink, ONE of us HAS to be RIGHT. There is a such thing as ABSOLUTE truth and ABSOLUTE right and wrong. The reason the rest of the world is in such utter chaos is because they have rejected that ideal. The reason why we as a country are on the same path, is because we in the USA are riding on that same slippery slope.

Melissa said...


I didn't mean to say it's ok to look the other way in that sense...that is why i said except for "social injustices" meaning things such as abuse and male supremacy. I meant to be more accepting when it comes to culture, movies, and gay rights...its def NOT okay to look the other way when people are being mistreated. you are right, I have not been outside of the country but many of my closest friends are middle eastern and my boyfriend too is foreign. i have learned a lot of ppl from my friends from different countries and im not sayign that that makes me more intelligent but i have gained some knowledge that i believe to be true. i dont think its fair for you to say you have a "broader" scope than me just bc you have been to places. you dont even know me at all. however your opinion on absolute truth holds validity but at the same time questions/answers about religion and politics are never absolute. and certainly not simply between two colors. And you saying that the Islam faith promotes violence and that has never been the case. True Islams believe in peace and the people that mistreat their wives and women in the middle-east are "radicals" that misinterpret the Quran. Women wear headressings to cover their bodies out of respect for themselves and men are supposed to respect them in result thereof. And the countries that try to force women to do anything inferior unfortunately are controlled by radical groups and politically self-serving regimes such as the Taliban that misuse Islam principles and distort the Quran and everything that Muslims stand for. And then it gets back to people in the Western world that only believe what they see on television and they think all people of Islamic faith have a supremacy over women and are insane terrorist. This is not the case. No religion promotes or commends the beating of women...its the agressive, authoritarian, power-hungry people that happened to misuse the religion that do those awful things. I don't know if your boyfriend told you that or what but Islam was never meant to be a violent faith. You might want to look up the definition of what a radical really is and how they believe in mistreating women. and also to recognize that there is more than just one type of people living in the not only the middle-east but everywhere..

LauraS said...

I think that before you make such comments about a religion you obviously have no knowledge of, you should read their book. The Quran is full of very violent statements. One such statement is a commandment for them to "...kill the infedels". Did you know that to Islam the infedels are Christians and Jews? Did you also know that most middle-eastern countries (which are dominated by Muslims) view the U.S. as a Christian country? Israel is a Jewish country and look at the violence they encounter on a semi-daily basis, by Muslim countries. With that thinking comes attacks and violence like that of September 11th. Also, women in the middle-east do not wear coverings out of respect for themselves. They wear coverings because they are the property of their husbands and to show any part of themselves is disrespectful to their husband and they will get beaten. Did you know that? It is a common practice for women to get beaten not only by grown men, but by teen boys and even some young boys.
I would also suggest to you that there is absolute truth in religion. I would even go so far as to say that there is only ONE correct religion.
One other thing....if you are not bringing your views on absolute truth into politics, then what gives you the right to suggest that I have to accept any of your views? Why do I have to accept gay marriage as a legal practice? Why do I have to accept what the media and Hollywood tells me is acceptable for this culture? If it is not absolute, then it is subjective, therefore rendering it meaningless.

Melissa said...

you don't have to agree with the practice of gay rights or what any other person believes but don't hate others for having different opinions. you sound one-minded by proclaiming there is only one religion......i'm assuming its the one you you see how self-righteous that sounds? And all of my information comes straight from my Muslim best friend who happens to be very spriitual and in touch with her Islam faith and I believe her when she explains the real meanings behind the Quran. You obviously are ignorant about the concept of radicalism overthrow that has occured in the middle-east. Who do you know that practices and follows the Quran and who told you that the United States was the infedels? And what about American history...was it not for freedom of religion that we rejected England and waged a revolutionary war? People fight for their religions in all faiths. Israel beign a prime example. But, to say that your religion is the only religion is so close-minded and very un-educated at best. It's like completely not recognizing that theirs a world bigger than your own. And they DO wear head-coverings for respect. Talk to a real Muslim that is peaceful and knows what the Quran really means. If you think that they choose to wear it for something other than respect you have no idea what you are talking about. I'm not denying that there are certain countries with rebel leaders and a lot of bad people in charge that condone the mistreatment of women but its not justified by Islam. Have you ever talked to a real Muslim? Not all Islamic people stand for radicalist supremacist views. You are so far off from how it really is. I can't believe you think that there's only ONE religion...where is your justification in that? Because your preacher or family tells you so? I could tell you that believing in something was the absolute truth but that something could be racism or child abuse or worhipping in satan! But does that make me right? Where's your evidence besides "Oh I know I am right bc I have faith? Well so do Buddhists, so do Hindus, and Jainists, and Christians and so forth. Gandhi who was able to peaceful overcome British occupation of India once said that every individual person has their own relative religion. No single person believes exactly what you believe. The only thing you have been SOCIALIZED to think is that you are right...but what if you had been born in Israel and born a Jew or better yet Roman Catholic in Ireland or wherever. You only think you are right bc you are from America which is actually mostly sects of Christian like lutheran, methodist and so forth(theres a reason why they labeled the south the bible belt), How could you date someone middle-eastern and not recognize their heritage? That is I'm assuming that he is not Christian since most Middle-Easterners are not. I just feel bad for you. Have you ever even read other religious texts? Ever been to a synogogue or a temple? Are you denying that Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and all other faiths are wrong? Buddhism is way older than Christianity is and Jesus was Jewish, do YOU even know that?

Melissa from Canada said...

im just going to say, who cares what the gilrs have to say. if hey hate G.W. then let them. Just because he is the head of the country doesnt mean we have to love him. i believe in this world there are very few things that are ours and ours only. we have for sure our thoughts, feeling and opinions. And to take away someones feeling, thoughts or opinions is just wrong. this is a free country. so every one just mind their own business and if some one has an opinion you dont like suck it up im sure you have an opinion on something that they dont agree with.
thank you
melissa from canada

sonia said...

i am a Muslim female. i was born in a foreign country. my family is made up of people from all different countries and religions. accepting and loving them is something that comes easily for me and i do not ever put anyone down for their beliefs, but it saddens me that not everyone else can be understanding. i hate that i have to do this all the time, and that is to defend myself and my relgion from the harsh misconceptions about my religion. in all honesty, the conclusions that have been made about the Islamic faith are very skewed and are most likely things you have learned from the media or some other biased source. i will begin by telling you that Islam is a peaceful religion. we follow the teachings of the prophet muhammad, who taught us to be peaceful. he never violently or forcefully made anyone convert to Islam. Another misconception is about the word jihad. translated literally it means holy war or holy struggle. this means that Muslims who are terrorists and who are fighting people in the name of jihad are incorrect. they are called radicals. if you look up the word radical you will find such words in the definitions such as extreme behavior. these people interpret the teachings of the Quran in extreme ways. Jihad can have numerous meanings for each individual. In my case, writing this blog is a holy struggle. it is hard for me to write this. and because i am writing this in the name of my religion and defedning it, it is my holy struggle. this is not violent or forceful. so please, just because there are terrorists and their religion is Islam, it does not mean that Islam is to blame. there are a myriad of murderers and thieves in the world, and because they are not necessarily Muslim, they are not religious terrorists?
next, women in Islam are told to wear the head covering in the Quran to ensure that men respect them for who they are and not what their bodies look like. again, in foreign countries where women are forced to wear the coverings is not mandated in the Quran, it is enforced by radicals. on another note, radicals have gathered many followers who are not literate. their followers do not know first-hand what they are fighting for, but because people told them that it is stated in their religion to fight, they feel obligated to, which of course is not what Islam teaches.
instead of making assumptions, i encourage people to look things up and not rely on information on the tv necessarily. it is really hard for me as a Muslim to live with people who have such negative ideas about Muslims in general.
i'm in college now and there are so many people around me that have never met a Muslim ever and they have so many questions. even if they didn't at first, as time passes and they get to know me, they learn the most important thing. that Muslims are terrorists is a huge fallacy, a totally incorrect generalization. they get to know me, and i follow my religion and understand it and they learn that i am a kind, educated person who is open-minded and that i will gladly answer anyone's questions regarding Islam.
also men who beat their woman and control them, also not commended in the Quran. it is something that those men do, not because of Islam. the sad thing is they might even think they are right and religious for doing it, but they are wrong. that is not what the Qurand mandates or commends.
for now, that's all i will say. i encourage you all if you have questions to ask someone or to take a Quran yourself and answer your own questions.

LauraS said...

I definately urge discussion on this topic. I loathe the media, so that is something that you should know about me up front. I definately DO NOT get my information from them. I'm a bigger person than that. (not to mention a tad more educated)
And also, so you know, I do have Muslim friends. My fiance has more as he grew up in Pakistan, so I'm sure you can imagine he is much more well-rounded than I. To answer another of your questions, yes I have read other religious texts, and THEY are my information source. I do not draw conclusions until information is gathered. I would encourage the same from all people. But what I would suggest to you is that Sonia, you are a minority in your faith. I have been to many middle eastern countries (including those where the population is primarily Muslim, but it is not governmentaly regulated)and ESPECIALLY in those countries it was not safe for myself or my fiance. Not only did I have to pretend that I was British (because where we were was unsafe for Americans), but I was forced to where head coverings because I would draw more attention (because I'm blonde)and could be perceived American. And to talk to ANOTHER of your points Melissa, I have been to other religious "holy grounds" I have been in a synagogue (with a Jewish friend), and I attended a Hindu "worship session" when I went to India. What I think is amazing about you Melissa is your very rash generalizations about me, someone you don't know. I think it's interesting that you find that I am "self-righteous" when I'm sure that there are many people that would disagree with you. That's neither here nor there. I just laugh because I have more peace with my culturally different friends than with you, someone who is a part of "my" culture.
I don't even know where to BEGIN with your generalizations about Christianity. First, you should know for sure, as you've already assumed, that I am a practicing Christian. Secondly you should know that I rejected the teachings of Christianity pretty much my whole life, until recently, so I hope that you understand that I have not been "SOCIALIZED" into believing anything. Maybe since you're so "open-minded" you should try it.... Anyway,
Yes I know that Jesus was a Jew, in the most ethnic sense of the word. I also think that it's humorous that you think Christianity is so young. If you knew what Christians believe, you would know that we believe that Jesus is the (living) Son of God. Well, as far as I know, and please, correct me if I'm wrong, God goes as far back (and even farther) as the beginning of time, therefore making it the "oldest" faith.
One last thing Melissa, I couldn't agree with you more about our "shitty" education system. You see, we did not go to war with England over religious persocution, (some of the original settlers did come here because of it though) it was because of taxation without representation. But I don't blame you for your lack of knowledge, it's definately your school's fault.

melissa said...


I know about the concept of taxation without representation very well and all the issues that the colonists told King George about that really did lead to the revolution. You are right in your explanation about me making generalizations about you. And what sparked that was your generalizations about Islam. I showed my friend what you said and she was appauled by what you thought of her religion. Anyways, I think we just need to realize that we don't always agree with every part of what we think and I do owe you an apology for my personal judgement regarding your background. You are indeed a stranger. In case you were wondering I went to one of the highest rated school systems in my state and I am not proclaiming this as someway to defend any of what i believe but to point out that you just assumed i went to a shitty school system that i was complaining about but in reality my school system (located in Ohio) pays their teachers more money than any other and we are known to prepare individuals for college way farther than surrounding schools. We both are at fault for judging each other and I am sorry for that. I was upset by your comments on Islam because so many of my friends are of different religions and I didn't understand your comment about their being "ONE" religion. I still am confused esp since you have friends of other faiths. You have a lot of perspective, and believe it or not are a lot like me. I hate the media but at the same time I hate terrorism and believe in liberation and relief of harsh leaders like Saddam but I also believe in keeping it peaceful as long as possible. It seems that too many are willing to go to war. On the other hand I would never not support US troops as they are fighting and dying daily and are honorable in their fate. I know ppl fighting over there and pray for their souls every day. But I also pray for the Iraqi ppl because it is hard for them too. There is good and bad to this war and that includes the liberation of women being able to vote and better educational opportunities. I did not mean to attack you in anyway or your faith. I was raised Catholic actually and denounced it because I prefer to not affiliate with any specific sect of religion. I do consider myself spiritual and have considered that Chiristianity is an old faith. I did not mean that it was not an ancient religion. But I have read a lot of textbooks that say otherwise. But I never said it was young. You have mistook a lot of what i said starting initially with how you thought I said it was okay to look the other way when people were being abused but I clearly said in my first post "except social injustice". So I think we have confused one another in different ways. But also I wonder how if both you and Sonia's source of information is the same in regards to Islam, how is it then that your views are not only different but as the complete opposite of each other. Sonia sees Islam as a peaceful non-violent and respect of the female body while you see it as a a violent, supremacist text that encourages the abuse of women. How can you both have read the Quran, and not think the complete opposite? The answer lay within the interpretation. In conclusion, religion therefor is relative to the indidual. Am i wrong to not believe this? wheres the Absolute truth in regard to Islam if two peolpe see the same written scripture in two polar ways?

And to address your comments on going to other countries and being forced to wear a headdress, i would never agree to that and I find it so horrible that in both regions the US and the middle-east ppl cannot live as themselves. You should be able to not wear a headdress there and at the same time Muslims shouldn't be made fun of or not be allowed to wear them here. You and I are really not that different.I just got super offended that you were generalizing about Islam and saying that what the religion promotes. I dont agree with those statements but I don't agree with how you were treated either. As far as I am concerned all parties have done things wrong. It is sad that you can't go to another country and be American. It isnt just like that in the middle-east. Unfortunately a lot of countries find America to be a bully and in result thereof hate us. Also though minorities in the US also face harsh discrimination. Just the other day I witnessed a girl my age literally making fun of two four year old Asian children of Oriental decent for speaking in their native language. She turned to her friends while laughing and said "What the fuck are they saying?" and her peers consequently laughed in acceptance of her ethnocentric behavior. It made me ashamed that she thinks that way. The movie Crash really describes how minorities are viewed in our country....and if you havnt seen it you should...maybe it might change your thoughts about how wonderful America is. There is hate and injustice everywhere and the important thing really isn't to argue about history of religion and whether or not who is more educated or not because from what i can see we are both a little more educated than others that have said stuff here. whats more important is to come together and try to find a middle ground..

LauraS said...

I in no way shape or form am making geralizations about Islam. I am only speaking what I've seen and read in the Quran. That's not my own interpretation, it's objective experience. I know that you are holding strongly to the power of interpretation, but please consider this. In the original text of the Quran (meaning interpreted from it's original language) Muslim's are COMMANDED to "kill the infedels". Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but there really isn't any other way of interpreting that statement, is there? I know that through this form of communication you cannot understand tone, please know that I am not insulting your intelligence. I do believe that you are an intelligent young woman, you present your points clearly. However, understand that while you are claiming to hate the media you are also believing what they tell you in the movie Crash. I have not seen it, so I cannot make an educated analysis of the film, but I will say this.
In this country, we have the freedom to say what we want, about whoever we want without governmental persocution. EVERYONE can accomplish wonderful things as the result of hard work regardless, of race, religion, or creed. If what you're telling me is that my views will change as a result of the MEDIA, I'm telling you that you're wrong about me. However "badly" people are treated in this country it is exponentially worse in any other country. For example, take those little Asian girls you were talking about. In the U.S. they may have someone make fun of them, and that is totally wrong, but people are sinful. However, in China, those same little girls probably wouldn't exhist because China doesn't like to reproduce women, they only favor men. In Cuba, you can't sneaze without being assaulted by the government. Even though it seems like such a long time ago, back in the '30s and '40s Jewish people in Germany and surrounding countries were slaughtered by the MILLIONS just for being Jewish. Joseph Stalin in Russia had more people killed than Hitler did. My point in all of this, is that I hope you notice what the real agenda of the media is. It is to slander the name of the very country who gives them the freedom to slander. While we still have to overcome the terrible past of slavery and racism, we are leaps and bounds above the rest of the world. America is great, and yes, I will go so far as to say that we are the greatest nation on the face of the earth. So sue me. But I dare you, or anyone else for that matter to find another country as advanced as we are in EVERY aspect. So, continue to watch your movies, because they are just another form of media, I just hope that you watch it knowing that they will do anything to make this great land look bad. But isn't it funny? I don't see or hear about any of them trying to live ANYWHERE else!

Anonymous said...

I did like the Chicks, but after they opened their pie hole... I don't spend another dime on their stuff.

You see, free speech is for everyone and they have every right to say what they wish as well as every star in hollywood (and they typically have the springboard to do so which we do not). However, I can use my speech to say I will not buy your music, your movies, etc., if I do not agree what they're saying (and that is a right we all have). I will express my free speech and exercise that right by speaking through financial means. No dollars for you Chicks.

melissa said...

I'm not asking anyone to believe the media....I understand what the media's goals are as far as distorting what is really happening..Crash I feel is different because it gives a real example of all the stereotypes minorities face. but it doesnt suggest how you should live or what you should believe it just presents irony in our world. it is really good not just for like trying to send a message but its a good movie in general. i have yet to meet someone who didnt like it. it def doesnt tell you what to believe though...sorry for giving you that picture. And i would hope that your views wouldnt be changed by the you I dont feel mine have either. all i was saying was that the movie Crash is really interesting and shows some of the injustice that is present in our nation. America is a great place but it has its flaws too...and yet I wouldnt choose to live anywhere else either bc I like it here. I just feel that ppl who live here don't recognize how lucky we are. thats all.

Anonymous said...

As your video "I'm Not Ready to Make Nice' fades to a peaceful end, my proud smile beams and my heart warms.

At my earliest convenience I will gladly purchase the Dixie Chicks latest CD knowing that they're, not ready to back down and still mad as hell.

This country's social conscience is strangled by a deceptive and repressive regime. Courage of conscience is too often criticized and condemned. So please sing that song.

Sing that song from every mountaintop that it might echo against the faces of ignorance. Sing that song so that misguided arrogance takes a backseat to freedom. Sing that song as an anthem for the rising crescendo of the huddle masses who wish for peace.

Standing Beside you
and our freedom of speech,
I Remain Sincerely YOurs,
Paul Manocchio
Van Nuys, CA

sonia said...

if you don't mind laura, i'd be interested if you could find the surah or verse from the Quran that you repeatedly quote about killing the infidels. i am interested to see in what context it was written and read it in my Quran with my own eyes.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for the Dixie Chicks! I'm so thankful that they are not just going to roll over and give in to the "right." If more people would do as they have, this counrty would be in far better shape...but too many times people hust look the other way. I'm not ready to make nice either.

You go girls!!!!!!!

LauraS said...

Please forgive the time it has taken me to reply, but I have had to search my quran as well. Here is what I was able to find. I couldn't find the exact verse where the quote to "kill the infedels" is but I believe what I have found is very close...

Anfal (8:12-17)Lo! Thy Sustainer inspired the angels (to convey this His message to the believers) "I am with you !" (And He commanded the angels) "And, give firmness unto those who have attained to faith (with these words from Me)`I SHALL CAST TERROR INTO THE HEARTS OF THOSE WHO ARE BENT ON DENYING THE TRUTH; STRIKE, THEN, THEIR NECKS, (O believers,) AND STRIKE OFF EVERY ONE OF THEIR FINGER-TIPS!"
Mai'dah (5:49-51) More specifically 51 states:
O YOU who have attained to faith! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for your allies: they are but allies of one another and whoever of you allies himself with them becomes, verily, one of them; behold, God does not guide such evildoers.

Doesn't sound very peaceful to me...but who am I?

Anonymous said...

I hear so many people piss and moan about the war in Iraq. The blame is on the president or America itself. The men and women serving are defenders of the precious freedoms that are enjoyed by those same folks that scream foul. Freedom is not free and yes it does have a price. Enjoy those freedoms and thanks those who defend it. Your options could be having the Dixie Chicks fight that war at home along side of you while loved ones are blown up it the streets. How safe does that make you feel. G.W. is doing what the people of the U.S.A elected him to do. That job is to make the Big decisions.

MILF said...

Anonymous said...
Ok for one thing I have never really liked the Dixie Chicks but this is just insulting! What kind of people are they.I mean really who talks about the president on national television or who takes nude pictures! and they have kids! im never buying another c.d. of theirs! ... They should know better.



Melissa said...

Amen to Milf!!! Women should be proud of their bodies and if they want to express it then go ahead!

Milf said...

Thanks Melissa!! When I was prego, I proudly wore regular, pre-prego jeans (size 5) and tight shirts that clung to my tummy so everyone could see my bundles of joy.

Women who put other women down for showing their prego skin are insecure. They are bitter because they're too insecure about their marks and they're changing curves to be proud of what is really going on...they're making a life.

I went swimming in bikinis and everyone paid me compliments.

Why do women complain that men make us feel ugly and insecure when they turn around and do it to other women who are proud and secure in themselves and their beauty?

This woman sounds extremely bitter and really prudish. I say: Clean It's very exhilerating!! :)your house naked and have sex outside of the bedroom. It can be a lot of fun once you stop being so uppity about your own sexuality.

MILF said...

And by the way, if you are so bitter about women who show off their prego skin, then maybe you should prove me wrong by checking this out.

If you had a body like this, you'd take photos like this too!!

Have a great day anonymous.

Lindsay said...

I don't understand how the Dixie Chicks' career could be ruined by making a negative comment about George Bush....and yet when Kanye West said (on national television!) that George Bush hates black people, the media didn't go after him and fans didn't boycott his music. Sounds like bullshit to me.

Anonymous said...

thats because the world is sexist, lindsay, it's a very sad thing. the dixie chicks are among the few that actually have the guts to stand up with their middle fingers sticking up to all the retards of the world.

LauraS said...

The reason why the Chick's career went down the drain is because the majority of their fans are CONSERVITIVE REPUBLICANS. When you bash the very man who your fans voted into office, they tend to not like it. It has nothing to do with being sexist as anonymous so ignorantly pointed out. The majority of Kanye's fans probably don't like Bush either. The rest of us that don't agree with his childish statement just think he's an idiot. (Which he is)

Anonymous said...

I own this album now that it is out, and i have to say that i love the whole album, but i really love this song. I have listened to it many many times. This song speaks to me, maybe because even though i am not a star, i have been on the receiving end of threats. I am proud of the Chicks for voicing their feelings and opinions and for standing up for what they believe in. After all, this is America that we live in.
I also love America, I love the fact that we can all voice our thoughts and opinions freely. People may not like what we have to say, but we have the freedom to still voice them.
All of our soldiers know when they enlist that there is a possibility that they will enter into a war. When my baby brother, a Marine, told me he was being sent to Iraq again, i told him i wished he didnt have to go cuz i loved him and dont want to lose him. He told me, "this is my job, this is what i do, i do this to protect people of all nations, but most of all so that my family and my country are safe, if we didnt fight back where would that leave us; if i were afraid to die for what i believe in, i wouldnt be in the Marines, i'd still be working at McDonald's." We may not agree with the administration, or the war or even the reasons for it; but we need to support our soldiers who are out there, fighting for the freedoms we have that others dont, for the things that we all beleive in, and for keeping us all safe.
I am not posting this anonymously. My name is Angel.

Pierce said...

To this poster -

"I have no respect for an 'artist' -- no matter HOW gifted that person is -- who feels he or she must cram his/her opinions down my throats just because of his/her celebrity status. That crosses the line of being a respected artist into the realm of loud-mouth blowhard."

Just curious, how many opinions did you hear today? Did you agree with all of them? Disagree with many of them? Express one yourself--be it public or private, controversial or not?

Why should the Dixie Chicks or any other highly public figure have to express themselves any differently in public or private than any of the rest of us do? Because the world is watching? Because they wear a mic?

Also, another question out of curiosity. Are you as critical of other public figures who express their political opinions? If so, I'd never want to borrow your iPod. Do you have an issue with Eminem, too? Springsteen? Born in the USA has a patriotic chorus, but lyrics and tone were written in protest of war. Billy Joel? U2? Sting? Bob Marley?

Ironically, public figures have been expressing their political opionons for years. The only difference between what the Dixie Chicks said in London and some other musicians referenced above is that they expressed themselves between songs, rather than during one.

Although I respect your opinion, it's narrow minded in my book.

Dana said...

Lauras got it right about Kanye. If his fans wrere the country genre, they'd for sure be telling him he's a moron. (My opinion) If the DC's want to be loved by all their fans for what they say, maybe they can borrow some of Kanye's. Until then, their music (used to) appeal to country fans (mostly conservative)and the DC's shouldn't be trying to change those fans opinions, just like those fans are just as wrong for making threats to them. It's all called opinions and we live in a country where we are able to share them. Tough luck to the Chicks.

Anonymous said...

FUCK THE DIXIE CHICKS! Either Your A Patriot And You Stand Up For Your Country Or You Leave It. No If, Ands, Or Buts!

Aaron Beck said...

I am a proud american and very patriotic. I have had a brother die in iraq. I am still very for the war and our president. I still believe the dixie chicks are right for speaking their minds and are wrong in no ways. But.....dont the rest of the people on this website posting messages have free speech. Why is everyone smashing things in others people faces for what they say!

Aaron Beck said...

Does anyone know why the one is wearing a cast on her wrist in the video and at the end the other has a brace on her fingers?

LauraS said...

I don't know about the cast thing, but I heard Natalie Maines in an interview say something about spraining/breaking her fingers. I thought It looked like they all had the tape around the fingers though, so I'm not sure I necessarily believe her.

Kristin,14 said...

G. bush seriously sucks (my opinion). I think that natalies' opinion totally spoke to alot of dixie chicks fans.
If you really listen to their music, they are not that political and this song really opened up. In their song, it states that the president wrote her a note and threatened her? is this right? i don't think im understanding this correctly.. can someone sum it up for me. thank you..
dixie chicks are awesome! They should get credit for stating the opinion that its embarrasing to say that G. bush is from Texas.

Anonymous said...

not ready to make nice is an awesome song, and as an australian i am pleased that so many inward thinking(supposed)americans feel free to discuss the song

LauraS said...

G. Dub did not write her a letter threatening her. An ex-fan did.

lucie said...

ok... the dixie chicks are awsome. They are writing wat they feel towards Bush. I think its a song thats states the truth about the place we are living in and I think everyone realizes that. I also think that the Dixie Chicks write their music to express theirselves(as every other musician should) and they wouldn't care wether you like it or not. They are just trying to make it clear that they are not happy in the place they are. So if you are going to say somethin **coff anonymous** think about it first!

lucie said...

omg u people are getting so off track this isn't about the Quran its about dixie chiks!! gee i thought ppl were smart!!

Anonymous said...

i absolutley LOVE the dixie chicks they are amazing artists who said what they think. i am sure there are many other people who think the same thing but Natalie is the only one brave enough to say it. cant wait for the albumm! ROCK ON!

how in the world can the words that i said , send somebody so over the edge that they would write me a letter sayin that i better sure never sing or my life would be over!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Dixie Chicks they are great talented women! Women who practiced their freedom of speech! More power to them. They are not fake like everyone else

Anonymous said...

I have friends in Iraq and they believe that it is an honor to serve their country. So I do not understand why people sit here and say that this war is pointless, not that I don’t have my own reasons for disagreeing with the war, we have men and women overseas dying is that pointless? Regardless of what we are fighting for we should stand behind the troops and what they are doing. Do you want to be over there doing their job? Because if you did you would be over there right now! No matter ones political views or whether or not they support the war in Iraq we need to all stop being so critical of what the president does or does not do. Republican or Democrat it would seem that just like 911 we would all come together in support of the American people, especially those overseas fighting and dying. This is a rough time for our country and there is enough negativity going around about everything going on today, why is it that everyone always looks for the negative. I am not saying that the Dixie Chicks have no right to say what they want, we have the freedom of speech, but cant we put down or guard, come together and say ok mistakes have been made, yes people are dying but without us these people would not have a fighting chance. Something needs to be done I agree with both sides on the issue but we all need to realize Bush is not the only person making decisions in the White House and cannot be completely at blame. This war would not have happened if a certain percentage of congress didn’t vote on it, republican or democrat.

so, lets forgive although it might be hard to forget....but how could you teach someone to hate a perfect stranger, how could you have so much hatred for someone that you dont even know....??

Anonymous said...

i think they are brave for standing up for what they believe. they got treated like shit but that doesnt change their opinion. some people care too much about what others thing about them. Dixie chicks Rock! jenny

Anonymous said...

ok, i read thru a few of these other comments, and have just a few things to add...

this video is AMAZING, and the song is beautiful. who cares what she said 3 years ago? she doesn't like bush, big deal - lots of people don't. i don't think she has anything "more" to live up to because she's a "country" singer and they are patriotic by nature as someone said above. she said she was embarrassed bush was from texas... she didn't say he sucked @ life or that she wished he was dead, if you think about, it's actually kind of funny.

it's been 3 years people, i think everyone should move on. radio stations that won't play this song because some people might not listen are just caving and showing it's ok to hate someone based on their opinion. like LOTS of people have said previously, this IS america, and we have the right to voice our opinions.

bottom line is... this song rocks, and the video is beautifully done, and the song has a POWERFUL message. NO ONE should have their life threatened because one remark they make, and no one should be teaching their children such hate.

i think people should boycott the stations that WON'T play it, don't those of us who enjoy it and see it for what it is have a right to hear it? it goes both ways people... if you don't like it, you can always change the station. so much has changed these past 3 years, go natalie for saying what everyone else wanted to!

Anonymous said...

I was never a huge Dixie Chicks fan, until now.
She was right to speak what she felt was her truth.
I will not download the album, I will purchase the album.

There are less clear thinking educated, logical people than there are uneducated, unaware and uninforned people who have no opinion, unless someone provides it to them.

If she said he was purple, the world would have laughed.
She said what was truth and was burt at the stake.
what a crazy world.

fancythis said...

The basic point anonymous (the last 2 really) is that the people that DO like the Pres. were offended and have every right to boycott their music. As do the radio stations that refuse to play the music. Radio is a private business and can do whatever they please. So, if you want to hear the Chicks that badly and the station you listen to refuses to play them, then YOU change the channel. Just like you said, it goes both ways, right?
And again, the Chick's main audience at that time were Country Music fans, who also voted for our current Pres. So, if you say something that is offensive to the group of people who make up your core audience, is it REALLY that shocking that they were "burned at the stake"? No, of course not.
So then, it looks they weren't thinking very clearly, now does it?
One more thing, if they are really these brave souls that everyone seems to think they are, wouldn't they have made their comments in THIS country? Not very tough are they?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is with all you people who voted for bush *insert gasps from all who voted here* Seriously! So what if the chix don't like bush! alot of people dont. Thats called life my friends. Get Over IT! I realize that some people enjoy lookin for reasons to fight and have wars ... however, some people choose to use their words and sing about it instead. How is it that them singing about not liking Bush comes across as a worse act then sending men to fight in wars just for the sake of your own ego. I know, why doesnt bush send his army to the dixie chick house and blow them up!!! cause that seems to be his answer to all of the problems he's encountered (or stuck his nose in) any excuse for war is ok by bush!!!!!!

Anja said...

Freedom of speech is not absolute. One can not yell, "fire," in a theatre when there is no fire. You can say something derogative and mean about your neighbor, he might sue you and the court will then have the right to say if you misused your freedom of speech. There are rules to everything! The Dixie Chicks are one of the group in the so to speak stars, who are put on a pedestal by so many people who think that whatever they say is gospel. These people (actors, musicians, singers) who memorize lines etc. are portrayed as gods of this country. When many of them are so dysfunctional and their lives are a total mess. We should listen to them? I certainly will not buy any of the Dixie Chicks albums. I also do not go to any of the movies if any anti American actors etc. are in any way affiliated with them.

Anonymous said...

people here are ignorant.

patriotism is not just to support who govern this country. american patriotism is about being an american, who fights for what is right using the right method.

this president allows our troops to die in the same way, on the same place, killed by the same enemies.

Bush's intention might be good but his methods are wrong which allows the death of many american soldiers in iraq.

Majority of Americans agree with me, as it is shown by Democrats taking over both houses of the legislative branch.

Anonymous said...

"Not ready 2 make nice" is probably the best song, with the best lyrics, that I've ever heard!!!!!!!!!!! We could make it our national anthem, or at least part of it.

Anonymous said...

personally i love this song and its lyrics are great . artist or not everyone has a right to be heard and say what is on their mind ! because all of this started with a "freedom of speech " comment in case you guys havent heard the part of the song that says "And how in the world can the words that I said
Send somebody so over the edge
That they’d write me a letter
Sayin’ that I better shut up and sing
Or my life will be over" hmm i wonder who they were reffering to on that one ! maybe you guys should think about the reason for writeing the song before you judge it !!

julia from canada. said...

nobody understands about free speech.
just because everybody hated them after doesnt mean they dont have free speech at all
because they did,
or else theyd have gotten arrested, or killed, or anything
nothing happened to them,
law-wise at least
sure, everone boy cotted them
but that was everybody else stating THEIR opinion, not them not being allowed theirs.

and I agree with them about bush.

but I do think they should be more careful,
i mean sure,
we can all say what we want.

but how often do WE get the chances to say it in front of millions of people?

im just saying,
if youhad the chance to speak to the whole world,
youd probably go a bit diffferent about it.

theyre abusing their privelage.

dont deny,.

musicalmarnie said...

Natalie just like any other person has the right to voice her opinion under any circumstances she wishes.. just becuase she is in the spotlight more than the average person doesn't give anybody the right to strip away her right to freedom of speech. its sad when radio stations and people that say they are so called "Fans" of the chicks start saying that they should stick to music and just shut up and sing! well which would you like do you want them to shut up? or sing? because they can't so both morons! music is about more than just singing it. it's about emotion, a story, life. people dont get on stage sing there heart out and not have anything to say about it! common how stupid are you?! EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions if you don't like them thats fine...but dont make them the center of hatred either... she never demanded that everyone must agree with her or they are stupid so stop putting words in her mouth. she is not rong for what she said..because she simply said what she thought. and if that is wrong in america the land of the "free" and the home of the brave...then that makes our whole history based on lies and hypocricy... she spoke freely, and she acted bravely...jesus christ people what more do you want?!

I think that some people just can't agree on somethings but news flash..that's why america is so great..we don't have to it's not a dictatorship so stop acting like its one. she said what she said get over it! people have said worse and have been repremanded far less.. it's time you guys start growing up and see the beauty in your rights...because without them we would be no better or different then anyone else. is that a world you would want to live in ?!