Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ushasti: Little Gallery, Big Art...And Tips On Being An Art-Opening Tomcat

NOB HILL--That excitement on Central Ave. last night was the opening of "Art & Spirit" at the Ushasti Gallery. The show featured about a dozen artists. The gallery is small and ordinarily I get a claustrophobic feeling in such situations. But this small gallery had such a wonderful collection of artwork that I sort of got lost in the pieces and wandered mentally for a good part of the evening. And when I finally did get winded in spirit, it was a beautiful evening out on Central.

Then again, half the fun is looking at the people. I often try to match artists with their art. In that spirit I went up to a couple of guys that looked like they might not have too much in common except maybe the creative spirit.
  • Guess which one was from Connecticut.
  • Guess which one was named 'Troy.'
  • Guess which one had nothing in the show.
Well, I missed on all three. But it didn't matter. For those of you new to the art opening scene, if you feel like talking to that good-looking stranger next to you but don't know a damn thing about art try inserting the following phrases between long sips of free wine.
  • nuanced palette
  • conceptually accurate
  • definitely has a beginning, middle, and an end
But nothing beats the whispered, "It touches my heart."

I may not know much about art, but a painting sure brings out the Johnny_Mango in me.

This is not to diminish anything in the show! I loved it! It is just to say, "Don't worry about talking about art." Just remember, YOU are welcome at any art opening. Just walk in, help yourself to a snack and beverage, and browse. Really. And this small gallery might be a good place to wander into. It is right next to Absolutely Neon in Upper Nob Hill.

One art-opening story from Santa Fe: In 1971 a friend of mine named Bruce wandered through Santa Fe. He was from Milwaukee and wore a cowboy hat. Anyway, we ended up at an opening on Canyon Road one afternoon. I guess I should say we had been drinking. At any rate, later in the day I asked him how he had liked the show.

"Oh," he said, "the art was great! The tamales were a little tough..."

I should probably tell you at this point that the man-of-fringe in the above picture was named Troy and lives in Connecticut. He did not have anything in the show.

And my friend Bruce...well, it seems he had eaten the corn husks.

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pegadoc said...

When will I learn to check these local blogs on a daily basis? This sounds like it would have been fun last night. Oh wait, I was busy watching swordplay in The Three Muskateers at Popejoy.

In any case, thank you Johnny Mango for bringing yet another local attraction to our attention. Between you and Duke City Fix I could be busy all week long! If only there was more time...


PS I "pegged" the right guy in the picture two out of three (thought he was from Texas)