Sunday, March 19, 2006

Johnny_Mango's Sunday Wallpaper: Stunning Ken Saville Assemblage

DOWNTOWN--Part of his retrospective show, this piece entitled "Some Things Have To Do," shows some of the playfulness of Saville's work. Another theme, recycled materials used for both their visual function as well as their intellectual nuance, form the basis of this piece.

Ken says that the paint-stained spoons which help outline the face of the larger figure once were used by fellow artist Michael Hart. Hart used to steal spoons out of the Frontier Restaurant for mixing paint. Ken, it seems, picked them up out of the trash.

This piece and more of Ken's work is showing at Artspace 116, above Tucano's Restaurant downtown. It hangs until April 28th.

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Claudia, friend of TBMA said...

The Artist Ken Saville makes stuff that is brilliant, unique, and funny as hell. I hope his show results in well-deserved attention of critical and monetary kind.