Monday, November 06, 2006

Bobbi Baca Writes About her Husband Jim

I think Jim Baca is as good as it gets when it comes to a public servant. Oh I know he has made some enemies...and the Lyons' campaign tries to make the most of it. But in terms of honesty, vision, and accountability there is no better candidate in the state of New Mexico. Yet negative ads have trashed him repeatedly. Baca has refused to follow suit. He has not gone negative himself. Don't reward Republican bullshit. Think for yourself.

If you need more info about Jim, just read this email I got from Jim's wife Bobbi. ...and pass it on.

Jim’s Campaign Needs a boost, the negative ads against them are turning the tide, the facts need to get out, and WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW to win!

  • Jim Kept Albuquerque spending below the rate of inflation during difficult economic times. It is much harder to lead in hard economic times then prosperous times. His opponent would have you believe he left the City with a deficit; the reality is it was covered with reserves he built up during hard times to preserve and improve the City’s bond rating. And why did it go over budget, well who could have anticipated 9/11 yes, that occurred during Jim’s last two months in office and the police and fire overtime were significant. How quickly everyone forgets, especially the Journal.
  • Jim is one of the few individuals to have undergone an FBI check and faced the US Senate for confirmation to a post appointed by President Clinton, Director of the Bureau of Land Management.
  • Jim initiated the Mesa del Sol project 20 years ago, he is a man of vision
  • Jim’s family has been in New Mexico for over 400 years, his father was Fermin Baca and Grandfather was Delfin Baca, both from Pena Blanca.
  • Jim still has the family farm in Pena Blanca, New Mexico
  • Jim is a graduate of St. Pius and the University of New Mexico
  • Jim was the first Hispanic Anchorman in New Mexico
  • Jim is an Air Force Veteran
  • Jim Reformed Liquor Laws
  • Jim created a Albuquerque Downtown Renaissance
  • Jim Restructured grazing Leases to take into account economic factors
  • Jim has assured no net loss of hunting habitat, Patrick Lyons still has White’s Peak inaccessible
  • Jim returned baseball to New Mexico
  • Jim brought Eclipse Aviation to New Mexico
  • Jim audited big oil and gas companies to make sure they paid for your oil and gas and the fruits of that effort have brought in millions for education
  • Jim hasn’t been “bought” by those who might be doing business with the Land Office
  • Jim is an individual who did not compromise his ethics to run negative ads
  • Jim is someone who is honest and will tell you what he thinks, not just what you want to hear, isn’t that what we want from our elected officials?
  • Jim is a visionary and leaves legacies and he is a prudent business man who understands sustainability of revenues and the environment are crucial to our children’s and grandchildren’s future

How do I know? I’m Bobbi Baca, Jim’s wife of 29 years. We have two great kids, Justin and Noelle Baca. Both graduated from Valley High School in Albuquerque, both speak fluent Spanish.

Jim needs your help now to help Save the Enchantment.

We have a choice - to let oil and gas interests dominant the land office, or to make one last effort that, if effective, will elect Jim.

Those who know Jim know of his integrity and of his commitment to save the enchantment of our state. We support his commitment to establish a full-time renewable energy division in the Land Office to take advantage of our solar, wind, geothermal and biomass energy resources on state land and reduce our dependence on oil and gas. We know he is the right choice.

We can endorse Jim to our friends via e-mail or telephone call. We can, through a "telephone or e-mail tree" make a difference. Please won't you help us enroll your friends, their friends and their friends? Forward this message.

Finally, on Election Day, if you would, take your Jim Baca yard sign, choose a street corner, and sometime between 7:00 AM and 8:30 AM, wave your sign thus letting people know that indeed we care

We can make this happen with your help ---

Thank you,

Bobbi Baca


Michelle Meaders said...

Thanks for doing this -- we have been fans of Jim Baca ever since he got the liquor laws changed when everybody said it couldn't be done.

However, the black on green text is too hard to read.

Mario Burgos said...

Johnny, you're the second blogger to write that Jim Baca didn't do any negative ads, and that's just not true. Mr. Baca even wrote on his own blog about his negative ad.

Just wanted to set the record straight.