Sunday, November 26, 2006

Johnny_Mango's Sunday Wallpaper: Last Brandywine Tomatoes of the Season

NOB HILL--Last week we took in the last of the tomatoes...brandywines. These are an heirloom variety that we grew from small plants. We had excellent luck with them late in the season. They are not early maturing, but they are BIG, juicy, delicious, and completely red inside.

The outside color of the tomato has a somewhat grayish hue, even when ripe. But boy do they produce! Btw, the knife in the picture is 8 inches long. An average size brandwine tomato is 4 inches across.My tomato-planting advice for the Albuquerque area is as follows:
  • Cherry tomatoes: Sweet 100's
  • Early tomatoes: Early Girl
  • Big, late tomatoes: Brandywine
  • Cooking tomatoes: Roma
Our plants are in beds that are raised almost two feet. This kept them from freezing for a few weeks after the plants on the ground had died.

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