Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Poll Numbers in the Madrid-Wilson Race

RealClearPolitics is showing new poll numbers in the Madrid-Wilson race for Congress. The newest poll is from Reuters/Zogby which shows Madrid at +9%. The survey was conducted Oct. 24th-29th using 500 likely voters. The latest results:
Wilson 44%
Madrid 53%
Undecided 2%
Because the Zogby poll differs so much from the ABQ Journal poll let's compare it only to the last Zogby which was taken one month ago.
  1. 9/25-10/2---- Wilson 40% Madrid 50% Undecided 6%
  2. 10/24-10/29-- Wilson 44% Madrid 53% Undecided 2%
It looks like the undecideds and neithers have pretty much sorted themselves out. Wilson is still below 50%. Hell, she's still below 45%. It's hard to win elections down there.

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jeff said...

i received a flyer in the mail last night from wilson's campaign.
"heather doing her job" read the front. i couldn't help but feel like it was reading pretty desperate.