Saturday, February 19, 2005

Around The Table At Joe And Marcia's

NOB HILL--As so often happens when the host relaxes a little too much after the meal is eaten, the conversation turns to animal fluids.

Oh the seafood stew was excellently prepared by host Joe The Gumball King. And MaryAnn had made a chocolate log from a Vincent Price recipe book that was rich and satisfying. Two bottles of wine were drunk. The Artist Ken Saville was finishing off the last of a six-pack of Molson. Marcia was bringing out the coffee. Everyone was leaning back deep in thought...thinking perhaps of the clams in the stew. Whatever the inspiration, this is what was said.

"I was standing in Pisa, Italy once," said Joe, "and I felt something on my shoulder. I thought Marcia had slapped me. But then I saw it was bird poop."

"That's nothing," offered Mary Donato, folding her napkin. "I was walking across the UNM campus when I felt something wet on my head. I reached up and came away with a big blob of pigeon droppings!"

"I can top that," said Ken. His eyes shifted a little and he glanced downward. "Have you ever been sneezed on by a Belgian draft horse?"

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