Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Eight Points In Favor Of a Corrales Bikepath

NOB HILL--Three people have recently brought a lot of attention to a bike path through Corrales' bosque area: the Governor, Jim Belshaw, and Garth from "America's Outback." The Governor proposed it; Belshaw decries it, Garth, after a good and thorough examination of the alternatives, seems of two minds. I, on the other hand, am for it.

I like to ride bikes. I ride up to Corrales from the downtown area all the time. But I never ride into Corrales. Why? Because Corrales Road is just plain suicide for a bike, that's why. And don't be throwing out Loma Larga as an alternative--it goes nowhere I want to go. But let us examine the proposed bike path in a less personal way.
  1. There are bicyclists in Corrales who sure could use it. There would be more of them with a safer route.
  2. It would link Corrales with the extensive bike trail system in Albuquerque. This would certainly benefit Corrales residents.
  3. Moreover, it would link Corrales and Albuquerque bikers with a large area of the state. I tour by bike...fully loaded...pulling a one-wheel trailer. I am not a young fella and bicycle touring is not just for the young. Everybody can do it. And with a decent link between ABQ and Bernalillo one could bicycle all the way to Colorado in relative safety. Hang with me for just a second longer...
  4. Can't you see biking with your kids or friends from ABQ/Corrales up to Coronado Monument in Bernalillo to camp at the campground and then the next day tour the Monument and bike back to town?
  5. How about riding from ABQ/Corrales down to Belen or Los Lunas, eat a nice lunch or dinner (maybe at the Mansion) and take the train back to town? In safety! Doesn't this excite anybody? Think of the adventure!
  6. And with another bikepath extension down to Socorro (why not?) one could actually ride from Albuquerque and all the way down to Las Palomas, Mexico safely (by way of US 60 to Quemado then south through Reserve and Silver City). This would be a national treasure of a ride!
  7. And it would be good for the economy! Touring bikers stop and eat every time they pass a restaurant. They stop overnight about every 50 miles. They almost always use "local" stores, restaurants, and motels/campgrounds. Isn't this kind of tourist worth a strip of asphalt. Who knows, they might even stop and eat in Corrales!
  8. And last, if you have read this blog for a while you know about all the birds I have seen along the ABQ bikepaths, including the eagles that Belshaw seems to think would move away if bikes were to glide silently near the bosque. I don't think bikes would make much of a difference as far as birds are concerned.
So those are my points to consider. There is a lot to be gained from a bikepath. I am not certain what would be lost...especially after reading Garth's post on possible routes that seemed to be unobtrusive.

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Anonymous said...

After living in Corrales for about 7 years, I think there is a faction of residents with some political support that would like to make it a giant gated retirement community. They oppose all development that focuses on youth and shun the addition of any more access points into and out of the village. I hope my fellow CorraleƱos (sic?) come to realize that we do not live in a vacuum and are not self-sufficient. Many of us thoroughly enjoy the Bosque bike path through the city, and I for one would welcome its extension into the village.