Monday, February 07, 2005

Russell Adams: Art From His Trunk

NOB HILL--I was sitting in the Flying Star the other afternoon when The Artist Russell Adams had me follow him out to his car parked behind the Nob Hill Barber Shop. He unlocked his trunk and pulled out two really beautiful constructions. This is one of them. It was so darn cold out there that I forgot to ask the name of the piece. I do know he has some work hanging in the gallery at 208 Dartmouth SE.

But the big story on the street was about another show last weekend: a young painter 23 years old, described by another artist as being very talented for his age and having a very "aggressive" style, who had so much paint on his canvases that it was the only feature anyone who had seen the show talked about. I didn't make the show. I was at the Manguso reading. But, believe me, I have got to check this out and come back with more details.

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