Friday, February 18, 2005

Hess Yntema Says No

NOB HILL--Hess Yntema, former City Councilor from SE Albuquerque including Nob Hill, dropped by the Flying Star this morning for breakfast with his sons. They were on their way to a swimming tournament (One of his sons swims for Highland High School). I asked him about the mayor's race, which seems to be heating up already.

What with 3 Democrats (Eric Griego, Judith Espinosa, and Mayor Chavez) already running it seems like a perfect time for a Republican to enter the race and consolidate supporters in the Rep party while the Dems split their votes. Yntema agreed. And now the big question: Is Hess Yntema going to toss his hat into the ring? No. That is his answer. No. .

Everybody knows that the mayor has to cut every ceremonial ribbon and get on TV for it. Readers might remember how I posted that Chavez delayed the opening of the Rapid Ride buses for 6 hours so he could ride on the first one. But will this generate enough goodwill to get him re-elected? According to the Southwest Organizing Project blog,
...It seems to be working. As has been reported, polls are showing the Mayor with some pretty good approval ratings with a majority of respondents feeling the city is headed in the right direction. A competent political consultant would advise the Mayor's opponents to go after Marty's record (code words for go negative) like yesterday.

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