Thursday, September 22, 2005

Marty's Got It Going...

NOB HILL--Last night at suppertime there were 15 cars parked in front of the Chavez for Mayor headquarters. It was 6:15 and I can only assume these were volunteers. This is a lot of people on a Wednesday night.

I do know that I have been called twice by the Chavez campaign and had a person knock on my door. I am not sure whether these people were paid, but I doubt it. Also, even in liberal Nob Hill there are probably more Chavez signs than all the rest of the candidates put together.

Marston Moore has a great piece on the Duke City Fix about Chavez and his connections to money. He also explores the role of Teri Baird in his campaign.

Frankly, MayorMarty looks like a steamroller. I lived in Chicago during the Daley era. Very similar.

I like Griego's TV spots. They are memorable and do separate him visually from the pack. He seems warmer, compassionate, and with a keen sense of humor.

There are only two issues:
  1. The West Side.
  2. That Giant Humorless Monolithic Posterman, Martin Chavez
Griego's commercials draw that distinction between personalities very, very well. But Issue #1 is a killer. And Chavez likes to keep digging at Griego on this the posters on the Montano bridge, pointing out that the traffic tie-up can be blamed on his opponents. Deadly. One can't just give up on The West Side...this is the Chavez message. And it is effective.

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the person who has given up on the west side is marty. REGARDLESS of whether the bridge has 2 more lanes or a road goes through a national monument, marty OWES the developers for the $800,000 plus they have given him. What will he do? Make it easy for them to add thousands more homes (or is that rental properties) back there where new roads will allow it. He will NOT push for better neighborhoods, parks, more schools or anything else. Just more development. That's being FOR the west side?

I'm afraid your analysis is also lacking regarding a steamroller effect. With almost 100% name recognition he got only about 40% in the polling. There were more than 30% undecided voters. These undecided voters were obviously looking for someone else as they sure as heck know who marty is. They will go to other candidates and marty will NOT reach the 40% necessary to avoid a runoff. In a runoff, all bets are off.

I have heard many people say that although they felt forced to give marty money because of veiled political threats if they didn't, they aren't gonna vote for marty.

As for the signs, yeah, whey you've got tons of $ to spend you can pass out signs all around your campaign office.

PS Drive by the Griego campaign office at most any hour and you'll see at least as many cars as you see there at marty's. Better yet, they're there because they support what eric believes in. They aren't there because of political threats to their bosses. Just my two cents.