Sunday, September 11, 2005

One Year Anniversary of the Boulevardiers

Yikes! I missed my own one-year blogging anniversary. Albloggerque was one year old on September 3rd. Thanks for reading...and all your comments. Thanks as well for your kind words on occasion. They really warm my little heart. I thought I would reprint my very first post. It seems to me that I am still telling parts of the same story. Thanks again.

The Boulevardiers

NOB HILL--The Boulevardiers were all out there this afternoon, lounging in the metal chairs in front of the Flying Star: Hal, Russell, David, MaryAnn, and Yours Truly...Johnny Mango. It was a sporting sort of afternoon and we watched the various games being played on the sidewalk and street in front of us: parallel parking, girl-watching, boy-watching, Kerry campaign scamming, sidewalk biking, bus frequency and know, the regular life-filling minutiae that accompanies an iced tea or a cup of coffee. Late afternoon and early evening on the shady side of Central Ave. is truly wonderful.

A nice-looking young lady in a security guard uniform bummed a cigarette from a woman sitting at the next table, a woman who looked like she owned a motorcycle...but didn't have it with her. They talked for a while about people who get in your face.

Then another woman came up and earnestly talked in private to the biker woman. Well, she did look like she had a bike. Bikeless came back to the table with a red face and leaned towards the young security lady. She suddenly remembered she had an ice sculpture in the van that needed to be delivered in Corrales! So she left. I am not making this up.

MaryAnn and I left as well...not wanting to be late for our usual Friday dinner with Mike and Carol. Tonight it's the Bangkok Cafe.


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