Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Tush and the Too Small Toilet

CARLISLE & MENAUL NE--I was walking by the store next to Cost Plus when I saw this big white thing gleaming through the window. "Hey, a new sports car from the Italians," I thought. Well, it turned out to be a large extremely large toilet.

It was in a store that hasn't actually opened yet, but they invited me in anyway. They said this model is for "big people." If you think I am going to insert some kind of smart-ass remark here you're crazy. In fact, some toilets DO seem a little small...even for me...and I am half-assed...just ask anybody.

The toilet is made by the Great John Toilet Co. And I can think of a lot of potential users besides the "ample bottomed." What about tall people? What about guys with just bad aim? Or lots of male equipment? Or dogs with big heads? Or maybe even a too-big bathroom...lots of new houses have rooms too big for normal stuff.

The only disadvantages to it as far as I can tell would be to those who drink too much, get sick, and have to "ride the porcelain bus." Or "hug the white altar" they say. But even there, it might be possible to curl up on it.

But the absolute CRAZIEST part is this: they swear it only uses 1.4 gallons of water! So says Julian Rivera of Golden Eagle Design.
Their showroom opens October 1st. But the door is open now.


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Lisa said...

whats with the lame spammer comment?
next time i go to cost plus for chocolate (which should be soon, in my opinion) i will have to check out the new loo store.
great post!