Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Whispering Blue

NOB HILL--The election bumper stickers just won't go away. At first like the gloating winners with their W-04 logos were more plentiful than the sore losers still sporting Kerry stickers. But the dynamics have changed. People are getting so pissed they are making their own statements and fastening them to their cars any way they can. Besides bumperstickers, I've seen signs in windows and even bobble-head dolls.

But yesterday has me a little perplexed. There was a front "license plate" made out of buttons and it said, "BLUE." Now is that or is that not a political statement? Anybody who would spend that kind of time fooling around in the button drawer might be intimating a state of mind. Or maybe she is the kind of woman who names her vehicles.

At any rate in these days of shouted slogans and hyperbole, she certainly whispers.

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phat-chance said...

Since Fort Progress is going down I've been scouting through the other nm blogs and came across yours.

I just had to add that before the last election, I made my own "bumper sticker." To get the full effect you have to know that I drive a Lexus 400 (the story of how I got it something else.) Realizing that certain assumptions are often made about LS 400 drivers, my bumper sticker read, "RICH MORON FOR BUSH." I took it off after the election but I'm thinking I should put it back on now.