Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fill 'Er Up...Premium Please!

NOB HILL--Now I admit a windy day is not a good time to bring up the subject of compost. But in keeping with my recent posts on a $6 composter and a $10 coldframe I thought that it might be the perfect time to talk about being well as smart.

Adding compost to your soil is always a good thing here. And believe me, garden fever is about to set in. So before it gets too hot, borrow that old pickup truck from your brother-in-law and let's head down into the south valley to Soilutions. It is located right next to the railroad tracks at 9008 Bates Rd. SE.

MaryAnn and I went down there last weekend and brought back 2 yards of their premium compost. The cost was $64. That might seem like a lot of dough, but actually it is a lot of, well, compost. 2 yards is about all a full-size pickup can handle. They also sell this stuff by the one-cubic-foot bag for around $6. Figuring 54 cubic feet in 2 yards makes this worth $324.00 on a bag by bag basis.

Hey, a truckful for $64: that's cheap...and smart. There is another aspect as well. What can possibly compare with driving around Albuquerque in an old pickup truck filled to the brim with premium compost! Especially on a Saturday morning. Now that is a $64 good time all by itself!

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