Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Fleck Beavers

NORTH BOSQUE BIKE TRAIL--Just about opposite the Old Town exit from the bike trail are not one but TWO beaver dams. I had been out there looking for them before and didn't find them. I must have been trying too hard, for they are pretty obvious.

It is hard to prove they are beaver dams in a direct way. I wish I could see beaver footprints and tail marks in the soft ground, but I couldn't. All I could see were long and skinny sneaker tracks that just might belong to John Fleck, who has been reporting on these beavers for a few weeks.

For you doubters out there let me show my own version of proof. Fleck already wrote about chewed off branches. And I will show you a picture of it. But notice one more thing: those shredded scraps of wood waste left by the beaver as he worked his way through the soft branch. Also, I should mention that the branches are gone, dragged off.

This is big news. To have beavers take up residence near downtown Albuquerque is big, big news.

Whoever is able to take the first picture of them deserves a prize! I am sure John Fleck or I would be willing to come up with a big about two passes to the Biopark train, Old 63?

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buggs said...

I will look out for the illusive furry friend next time I am at the bike trail with my finger on the trigger of the camera. LOL!