Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pictures From Hidden Mountain

16 MILES WEST OF LOS LUNAS--Last weekend I made two trips to Hidden Mountain following a lead on an incredible story I read in a skinny little yellow book at the Old Main Library on Central Ave. Dixie Perkins, in her thin 1978 paperback entitled The Meaning of the New Mexico Mystery Stone, relates the tale on an ancient Greek mariner who had been exiled from his Mediterranian island and ended up on the Rio Puerco. This was in 500 B.C.! I tell the whole story of the stone on today's Duke City Fix.

For what it is worth, here is the Perkins translation:

I have come up to this place to stay. The other one met with an untimely death one year ago; dishonored, insulted, and stripped of flesh; the men thought him to be an object of care, whom I looked after, considered crazed, wandering in mind, to be tossed about as if in a wind; to perish, streamed with blood. On Samos I was respected and honored, of blessed lot or fortune, with a body of slaves, and so many olive trees; also, and I planted them, a peg to hang anything upon! Men punished me with exile to exact retribution for a debt; meanwhile, I remain a rabbit. I Zakyneros, just like a prophet, out of reach of mortal man, I am fleeing and am very afraid. I am dross, scum, refuse, just as on board ship, a soft effeminate sailor is flayed with an animal's hide, or all who speak offensively are beaten with a cane; but after a very short time the hurtful and destructive ones may be satisfied; at an unseasonable time I remain to protect from the wet, rainy south, the ravine. Very much harvest is gathered in, very much is in the woody dell and glen, very many bags of young deer. Very many hides with delicate, luxuriant hair; by the channel of a river, swift - flowing. Very much is given by the gods, the best kind of gift, to call upon the gods for again and again, at the unseasonable time I become hollow from hunger.


Steve Sanders said...

Wow! So interesting to find someone else who knows about this amazing archaeological / historical artifact. I had read about this way back in the 80's, I think, in the Albuquerque Journal, and had run into one other person who knew about it, a co-worker, in the 90's.

A perfect example, I think, of the hidden clues that most of us remain so unaware of, indicating that the "official" histories (Columbus "discovered" America, great technological advances began with the Europeans, etc.) don't even come close to telling the truth about the amazing history of the human race on this planet.

As I remembered it, the story was that this Greek man had been taken captive by Phoenician sailors (known for their prowess as mariners), landed on the Eastern seaboard of the American continent, escaped, and made his way west to this location where he left his inscription.

Now reading the translation you provide here, most of those details are not included in the inscription he left. Since I don't seem to have the original Albuq. Journal article, I can't go back to check my memory of the story's details.

I agree with your comments in your article on Duke City Fix—there is a HUGE difference between Perkin's translation and the others who say that this is an abbreviated Decalogue / Ten Commandments. You'd think that some experienced translators would at least be able to come up with a consistent view on the text.

I think there is a fair amount of evidence (although not all well and fully researched) that there were many contacts of other cultures predating the more recent European ventures into the New World. I remember reading an account of an inscription found at an archaeological site in New England, which remained an untranslated puzzle for many years, until an expert in ancient languages recognized it as Ogam (ancient Celtic). As I remember it, the site was thought to be an ancient temple that had characteristics of an astronomical observatory.

There is also an account of several French missionaries who explored the Mississipi valley early on (1700's, I believe), and did extensive studies of the languages of the tribes they encountered. They catalogued the tribes' languages using their own system of writing down words in phonetic form. Their studies remained largely ignored until recent times, when another expert in ancient languages came across the texts and noticed some very interesting coincidences: many common words from the tribes had striking similarities with ancient Egyptian equivalents for the same words (such as "sun" "moon" and "water" for example).

More recently, evidence surfaced of Chinese contact with the Americas, in the form of an old Chinese map that outlined the entire western coast of the Americas, and a rough suggestion of the eastern coast as well. This seems to confirm old historical accounts of the great sailing fleet sent by the Chinese emperor (can't remember which one) across the Pacific, about 70 years before Columbus. (Their sailing ships were truly huge by comparison with the Spanish and English ships of the time.)

The extensive Chinese historical accounts of this exploration were, unfortunately, destroyed by the succeeding Emperor's regime, which decreed a retraction of the program of exploration and an enforced policy of isolationism. Really interesting to see the newly discovered map come to light...

More food for thought. I'll have to go check out this site at Hidden Mountain. Thanks for providing the info; I wouldn't have known how to find this site otherwise.

Steve Sanders
American Liar
"lies, liars and the fools who love them"


Anonymous said...


Dixie Perkin's Zakyneros translation is generally tought to be bogus. Look through the inscription and you will see occurrences of YHWH, the Hebrew name of God. It is more correctly translated as a condensed Ten Commandments in Paleo-Phoenician/Hebrew. A good overview by Dave Deal can be read here:


Anonymous said...

The blog space chopped off the link. The complete link is here on two lines:

Anonymous said...

Even though I think this inscription is a hoax, I am absolutely sure (actually, I know) that what's inscribed is an abridged version of the ten commandments.

I'm a hebrew speaker, and the transition from modern to ancient hebrew is extremely easy, it's the same letters, only with differennt forms.

I am familiar with the text and the ancient forms of the hebrew letters and what's written there is (an abridged form of) the ten commandments.

Anonymous said...

I have seen many photos and books about this inscription. There is much more than that rock and it has already been documented very well...and examined. So, the recent damage to the first line is a useless attempt by a stupid person to destroy it or make it go away....what a shame. Say, Steve..Greeks do not write in Paleo Hebrew....why would a greek want to take the time to leave the 10 commandments in stone anyway? I do not know who did it....but the timing is pretty well determined at 107 bce. Do not believe everything you read in history books....ask the rocks...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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