Friday, February 17, 2006

Snapshots From the Duke City Fix Chalk-Up

ANODYNE POOL HALL, DOWNTOWN--Last night the Beautiful MaryAnn and I went downtown to the Duke City Fix ball-clicker at the Anodyne. Here are a few snapshots from that event.

Chantal and Kate compare notes on some kind of girly-beer flavored with fermented cranberries.

The visually elusive Eckleburg and Grumblecake spent the whole evening talking about the sex habits of owls...burrowing owls.

Cue in hand, Forrest hypnotises the Beautiful MaryAnn with with stories of his prowess.

Sophie puts on her coat and heads for the door. She has other fish to fry tonight.

Paul lives two lives: one in Socorro and one in Albuquerque where he has a condo in EDO. His home in Socorro is near the "Eastlake house," if you know where that is. If you don't, you should really find out. That area is beautiful.

In other news of the evening...

  • I lost every pool game I was in.
  • The owls are going to have a better website than Yours_Truly.
  • The Anodyne does not charge for non-alchoholic bar drinks like just tonic and lime.
  • Table rates are $5 per hour.
There are a bunch of wonderful people in this virtual up next time.


chantal said...

Fun photos, Mr_Mango! Thanks for taking them and thanks, as always for sharing the love.

Samir said...

It was really nice to meet you on Thursday, John! I'm sorry that I got sidetracked by running into old friends from high school and kinda leaving the DCF event early (while still being about 3 tables down...). Look forward to the next event!

forrest said...

I too had a blast, enjoyed meeting the bloggers, and anxiously await more fun events!