Thursday, October 27, 2005

Arthur Alpert Nails It

ABQ Tribune columnist Arthur Alpert tells the absolute truth in today's column, No Questions Asked. The MainStream Media has no responsibility except to preserve its profitable place in the Establishment. Alpert writes,

The news business is neither liberal nor conservative but is an Establishment institution.

Consider "class." When was the last time - before Hurricane Katrina - that you read or watched serious coverage of the underclass? Or respectful words about a blue-collar union? Or serious analysis of the globalism - espoused by both parties - that's exporting middle class jobs?

Arthur Alpert is always worth reading, but today he is essential. The media is always selling the sizzle and ignoring the meat.

Take the next Supreme Court nominee, for instance: will we be told the real issue is abortion rights and gay marriage? What about something a tiny bit more important. As Alpert states,

Establishment bias explains the dearth of stories about the issue of our time: how corporate power threatens democracy.
I referred to this a couple of time previously. One time I called it the "Jack Spratt" coalition: corporations and the religious right appear to have nothing in common, but together they are licking the plate clean.

But Alpert's point is about more than licking up profits, it is about the future of the world...or at least a hundred years or so of humanity ignored. Read the story.

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