Tuesday, October 11, 2005

No Wonder This Guy Is Driving Fast

NOB HILL--At first I couldn't believe my eyes. There seemed to be something big and yellow sticking out the side of that car a good five feet. The blue Ford turned onto Lead from Washington and started racing up the hill. It had almost caught a light pole with that yellow thing. MaryAnn and I were sure Lead Ave. was going to claim another victim.

Just this week Coco listed the Lead and Coal Speedway as the most hazardous surface street in Albuquerque. Put that together with the ordinary amount of driver idiocy and this is worth following.

We caught the Ford as it sped away from the light at Lead and Morningside. That looked like a yellow plastic playground slide sticking out the window. Now the car really started going fast.

Lost it. We got snookered in the middle lane and lost that flying circus as it turned left on Carlisle. Good luck...everybody.

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