Wednesday, October 05, 2005

You Won't Find This Amazing Balloon in the Fiesta...It Uses Hot Water, Not Hot Air

SOUTH VALLEY--The Wanderer Mike Moye ran across a lot of machinery in the street not far from his house. He sent me some pictures and filed this report:
The sewer is being replaced on Goff and San Ignacio. A sink hole had developed and a quick response from the city corrected the dangerous situation. But then an even greater problem was revealed. The aging drainage pipe was in desperate need of repair or replacement.

This contractor is lining the existing pipe with an inflatable liner that when filled with hot water hardens and adheres to the inside of the pipe. The liner is dragged through the pipe from one manhole to another then inflated and filled with hot water. After a section is completed then they move on to the next.

Pretty amazing.
Mike said they are gone this morning. They repaired 3 blocks of sewer pipe in two days.


Anonymous said...

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Sammie Coviello said...

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