Friday, October 21, 2005

Gorgeous, Gorgeous Tingley

RTE 66 & THE RIO GRANDE--It's Friday morning and there are maybe 100 people at Tingley Beach. Most everybody is fishing. I had forgetten how much Tingley Beach is absolutely LOVED by Albuquerqueans. Even in Tingley's darkest, most abandoned, most stagnant days it was crowded with people fishing. And now it is a truly beautiful park.

Whoever designed this park deserves a medal. You will love this place! And it is still not finished. Although the official opening has already taken place, most of the features are not completely finished. There is still a lot of open ground, and whatever it is that is being constructed over in the bosque by the river is far from ready. The train is not running. All the new trees are not planted. And workers are still crawling all over the Tingley Beach railroad station.

But you will love it. It is built to stand the test of time: solid...really solid. Also, the designer resisted the temptation to turn the whole thing into a giant parking lot. It has class as well as style; it will age well.

And then, as if things couldn't get any better, I look up and find the first flock of cranes of the season circling above the Biopark. Whew.


Phil said...

John -

Is this the project underway in the bosque? Sounds like another Nature Center-type wetland in the works.

BTW, I was a student at Monte Vista from ca. 1979-1986. My younger brother may even have had you as a teacher It's good to read your blog.

johnny_mango said...

Thanks Phil. That website is really cool. Enlarging the Corps of Engineers photo/map shows three interconnected ponds in the bosque: wet meadow, shallow marsh, and deep marsh. Worth looking at. Thanks again. Btw, what's your brother's name?

Phil said...

Dan Leckman...he would have been a 5th grader in 87-88 or thereabouts...