Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Like a Lot of Space Around Me

NOB HILL--I keep thinking back to last week. This time it was the drive back. Ken and I took that road from Roswell that goes through Corona and Willard. I love that kind of space around me. At any rate, eventually we needed to stop. We found a wide spot on a hill. It was surrounded by some pinons and junipers.

I got out of the Toyota and walked behind a bush. I don't know why. There sure wasn't any traffic. I looked down and saw a Corona beer bottle. It was lying in rocks. I mused that it couldn't have been tossed there from a car without breaking, and in fact was probably dropped there by some guy standing in the same spot as I was doing the same thing. I have got to stop thinking so much.

Well, I walked back towards the 4Runner. What's this? A lard bucket! I couldn't see anybody cooking next to the road like we were...especially with lard. The bucket was probably used for pinon picking. The bail was missing...that is probably why it was discarded by the side of the car all those years ago.

"Look!" Ken shouted. Across the road a deer stood quietly some distance away from us. I got my camera lit up and hoisted it for a shot. Naturally it took off immediately. But I did get a nice picture (which I did not crop...you'll have to click on it to see the deer). Ken finished the beer he had been drinking. I got behind the wheel, heading west. No wonder I like the wide-open spaces. My over-active mind would be over-stimulated in most situations. How relaxing it is out here, long horizons, faraway skies, distant ridges.


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is Dutch, and who has lived in Germany and now rural England. When she visits here, we can't take her to places like that. The vast emptiness that you (and I) so treasure absolutely freaks her out. - John Fleck

Anonymous said...

My wife's 2 German cousins fall into two camps: one, and her husband, are absolutlely enthralled with the American West,the other, and her fiance seemed a bit put off and kept asking things like: "what do they do with all the land?"
Garth http://americasoutback.typepad.com