Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Renewing Ourselves at the Grand Canyon

NOB HILL--Well, we had a great time at Grand Canyon National Park. The Canyon is breathtaking. And the structures on the rim such as the lodges and gift shops were totally interesting. I posted something about these on the Duke City Fix earlier today. But the "theme" of this short trip has to be RELAXATION.

MaryAnn, Mike & Carol Moye, and I all get along so well that the trip was a hassle-free, take-it-easy experience in a wonderful and beautiful setting. During the day we walked the rim. At night we played cards in the mezzanine of El Tovar, our hotel. And we loved it.

We took the train from Williams, AZ to El Tovar. A car in Grand Canyon National Park is more than useless, it is a burden. There are shuttle buses that run along the rim. Cars are, for the most part, not allowed on the roads. The train ride took about 2 and a half hours...including a simulated heist by bandits. (They had to stop the train so the mounted outlaws could get aboard. As our bartender said, "You just can't get minimum wage employees to jump from galloping horses onto moving trains.")

All in all, we had the most wonderful of times. Our lives are richer. Our hearts seem fuller. And our world is a happier, more wonderful place.

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