Monday, November 14, 2005

Oh, Say Can You See...

THE PIT--Even from our seats near the ceiling it was obvious that the Wilson Sisters had talent. I hope they are invited back next year for another exciting national anthem. As I fumbled to get out my camera to take this shot, The Artist Ken Saville remarked, "It's about time!"

After the anthem, sports fans continued to file into the rows...including the 6'8" guy sitting two rows in front of us. He was SO large that the 6'5" giant that sits directly in front of us MOVED! Now that's large! As funny as that was, I couldn't seem to get my camera around either of those guys. So let me summarize: the Lobo women won.

We play Wednesday night right here in the semi-finals of the Pre-season WNIT against Oklahoma University. I got tickets today...and by the way...I didn't get our regular seats!

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