Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lobos Take a Bite Out of the Golden Gophers

THE PIT--There are people saying that tonight's game was the greatest women's game ever played in the Pit. I won't get into that argument, but tonight's game was AWESOME! The Lobos, ranked 21st in the nation going into the game, beat the 10th ranked Minnesotans 62 - 44. It wasn't even close.

The Artist Ken Saville was screaming, "You're in our house now!" That is how crazy this game was. He never says anything. I was shouting all the time. MaryAnn just laughed. This game was intense from the beginning right through to the end. You could feel the tension on every possession.

Player of the Game Katie Montgomery was every bit as tough as she needed to be. She played all 40 minutes. Other stand-outs:
  • Timi E-Nunu...real quick on defense...3 steals...3 points...11 minutes
  • Jana game of her career...played tough against those big Gophers in the paint...3 blocks...2 / 5 from 3-point land...6 rebs...13 points
  • Brandi Kimball...5 rebs...7 points...teamed with Timi, they are like lightning on defense
  • Julie Briody...her heart always give a spark to the team when she comes off the bench...instant excitement...did have 3 turnovers
But the star of the game is definitely Katie Montgomery. Her line: 16 points...4 / 6 from beyond the circle...4 rebounds...4 assists...1 turnover...40 minutes

For complete coverage of the game go to GoLobos.

When Minnesota fell behind with about 10 minutes to go in the first half, they started calling time outs. That's always a good sign. Wholesale substitutions became part of their game plan as they looked for an answer to the Lobos. They were also a bit worried about the elevation I imagine. But they never could get off the blocks.

I was glad to see the sumo wrestlers were back again. Even the normally jaded cheerleaders seemed to enjoy it. Maybe it was just the nervous excitement of being ahead in the game.

Next up is Arizona State on Wednesday in Tempe. I hope someone finds a way to put this game on TV. If not, the game will be broadcast on radio as usual...KNML...610AM...THE Sports Animal.


Scoutj said...

How cool! I can't wait to go to the Men's soccer game tomorrow night! First time ever in the final 8! Go LOBOS! WOOF WOOF WOOF!

BTW- howdy from North Abq Acres! :)

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