Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fresh Pavement on South Bosque Bike Path

SOUTH VALLEY--For the last couple of years I have been wondering what the future of the bike path was going to be once the pavement started to crack or heave. There always seems to be money to build things, but what about maintaining them. Well, maybe we have something of an answer: they have repaved the bumpiest part of the south valley bike trail, that part next to the Hispanic Cultural Center. Actually they have repaved about a mile of trail...from Bridge Blvd. south to where the path crosses the ditch. They also seemed to have widened it.

I was down there with MaryAnn Sunday. There were a lot of Canada geese hanging out in the ball fields near Bridge. In fact, I have noticed a lot of geese and cranes in Albuquerque's bosque this winter. Maybe this is because there is so much water in the Rio Grande right now.

Further down, where the path curves east, we saw three matching white horses keeping an eye on us.

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