Friday, January 20, 2006

Nothin' Special About This Morning...Except the Sun Came Up and Filled the Sky With Fire

NOB HILL--I was walking down to the Flying Star this morning...and the dawn stopped me cold! I fumbled in my pocket and pulled out my little Nikon. Some things you just have to stop for. Even before coffee.


Anonymous said...

Damn awesome! I grew up in Albuquerque and read your blog via my RSS news agregator. I still visit my extended family in Albuquerque/Santa Fe, regularly. I plan to retire to NM after retiring. I currently live in Oklahoma. Here, we just don't have the sunrises/sunsets I grew up loving! Thanks for sharing.


B. Q. Chan said...

Hi, I am a fellow Albuquerquean. I have been wanting to do that, that is, capture the beautiful colors that we have here. Thanks for sharing. I should probably start carrying my camera!

Anonymous said...

When are you gonna start selling postcards? YOU RULE!