Thursday, January 05, 2006

'Welcome To America' Filming in Nob Hill

NOB HILL--Kevin Kline stars in this drama about a young Mexican girl who is abducted and forced into becoming a sex slave. Her brother tries to find her and teams up with a police officer. This plotline would certainly explain why I saw a young woman being kidnapped from the parking lot behind La Montanita Co-op this afternoon.

She had been on the payphone having a really intense conversation with somebody when a Chevy van pulled up. Two guys jumped out, grabbed her, forced her into the van, and drove off. I personally don't like to watch those kind of scenes. I guess I need to know that everything will turn out all right in the end.

In any case, they were also filming a parade scene. Silver Ave. was crowded with band members, a color guard, several antique cars, clowns with balloons, a horse and woman...both dressed in silver spangles, and bystanders (who may or may not have been part of the cast).

The film is directed by 28-year-old Marco Kreuzpainter, whose filmography includes quite a few German titles. The film also stars Paulina Gaytan in her first film. Genia Michaela also stars. She also appeared in Three Wise Guys which was filmed in Nob Hill last year. By the way, Kevin Kline was not there this afternoon.

Frankly, I feel that it's pretty neat that film companies think this part of the world is interesting enough to use. I certainly do...I have been taking pictures around here for over a year.


kelly said...

Hi Johnny! I believe the film is called Welcome to America.

johnny_mango said...

Thanks Kelly...I knew that. Why I typed "Lost in America" is beyond me. But then why I type out most things is beyond anybody. :-)

albuquerquean said...

That horse photo is fab