Friday, January 13, 2006

Full Circle on the Kitchen Remodel

NOB HILL--Almost exactly one year ago Marc Coan of Branch Cabinetry came over to the Mango_Mansion to check out our kitchen. He took pictures of everything...calling them the "before" pictures. It did need some work...and I posted what I considered to be a humorous piece about it last January called "Words Men Fear."

We eventually hired Marc and Branch to redo our kitchen. By the end of June they had completely stripped it down to bare walls and the subfloor. That's when MaryAnn and I left on our vacation. We came back in a month, and missed some of the messier aspects of the remodel. This included Berkshire Flooring refinishing the floors in our whole house as well as running oak flooring into the new kitchen.

We actually had it easy, since there is a "mother-in-law" studio apartment in the back of the house which we moved into for a while. It was kind of cramped...but also kind of fun. MaryAnn is just so flexible in her outlook on life. Nothing is a problem unless you make it a problem.

Well, Marc came back yesterday with a bigger, better camera. More pictures. It seems he is entering our kitchen in a home remodelling contest sponsored by some magazine. It is in the "small projects" category I am sure. Still, we really love our kitchen. Everything that Marc suggested was absolutely on the mark. And the sub-contractors were trustworthy enough and good enough that we were out of town for a good part of it.

Sometime I will do a thorough job of detailing what we actually did in the kitchen. It is all finished now except for the backsplash. We never really figured out that part of it.

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Elnora Turmelle said...

Hey! When you did that renovation project in your kitchen, did you include replace or repair the gutter? Usually, some people who do renovation projects include doors, windows, and even gutter-replacements to complete the perfect transformation of their homes. =)