Friday, May 05, 2006

Do You Know This Man? Clues From the Bottom

NOB HILL--The mind is a restless thing. Somehow my brain started talking to me while I was at a ribbon-cutting ceremony this afternoon. "Let's analyze this," it said. So I did.Take a look:
  1. Levi's...not Wranglers. This guy is an urban cowboy. Real cowboys go the other way.
  2. No vent in the coat. This suggests our guy has more than one sport coat, because if he only had one it would be more traditional. This old boy's closet has room for experimentation.
  3. Red tag. A little fuller in the thighs than the original. Hmmmmm...must be developed.
  4. Wallet mark. This is interesting in two ways. First of all, he is right-handed. Otherwise his wallet would be in his left pocket. One more thing (or lack of it) circle from a tobacco tin. This buckaroo runs in a civilized posse.
Any guess as to the identity of this ranch hand?


Anonymous said...

Former Gov. Gary Johnson?

--agnitk atatat agnitk dotdotdot orgorgorg

Anonymous said...

I would have to say Martin Heinreich... he was there, right???

okay hors deuvres but I think the chocolate was worth the fact that Marty didn't show up... Glad I won that bet!

Anonymous said...

I'd knwo that butt anywhere. It has to be the one and only George Michael.

Anonymous said...

geno zamora

peg said...

I think you're yanking our chain. I bet it's Chantal.

dr peg said...

You ever gonna spill the beans, johnny? Who was it?