Friday, May 26, 2006

Time Slips Away...But Are You Smiling?

NOB HILL--I have to reflect a little on how time slips away. Does every day make you smile? Here in the Flyiing Star on a Friday morning in late May, two groups of people slip out of yesterday and into different...and so much alike.

Outside on Route 66, bike riders head east. "Boston!" they shout. Their jerseys say they belong to a CrossRoads tour. This L.A. to Boston route takes 50 days and cost them about $200/day (single occupancy), fully supported. They cruise by on their way to Santa Fe tonight by way of the Turquoise Trail.

Nearby at a table in the corner, three generations share a moment with yarn on their fingers. They were making designs with diamonds and rectangles. I don't know the names of any of these things except "cat's cradle" and I can't even do that one.

But the point is that this day, Friday morning, is not a day to throw away...and here are some of our compadres filling a moment with dreams and future memories. Hope your day passes as fruitfully.


Jim Baca said...

Things to seem deliciously pleasant and sometimes surreal at our age John.

dr peg said...

johnny - Thanks for the reminder to appreciate life every moment and every day. There's so much to notice and be grateful for!