Monday, May 22, 2006

Jail And The Numbers: Can America Survive As A Democracy?

NOB HILL--A most disturbing article was put up last night on Yahoo News. It's about the number of people in jails. I am going to post a few of the statistics. Just ask yourself: What do these numbers mean for a democratic country?

  • The report by the Justice Department agency found that 62 percent of people in jails have not been convicted, meaning many of them are awaiting trial.
  • In the 25-29 age group, an estimated 11.9 percent of black men were in prison or jails, compared with 3.9 percent of Hispanic males and 1.7 percent of white males.
  • The states with the highest rates were Louisiana and Georgia, with more than 1 percent of their populations in prison or jail. Rounding out the top five were Texas, Mississippi and Oklahoma.
With almost 12% of young black men in jail, one has to ask, "Can democracy work?" The rich get richer...and the poor go to prison as just another rite of passage.

"It was the best of was the worst of times."


Garth said...

Gulag Archipelago anyone?

Steven Jabour said...
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dr peg said...

I have an adopted nephew who is African American and HUGE for his age of 13 (6 ft and about 180 - I'm not kidding). I'm so worried that he'll end up as one of these statistics one day just due to his physical appearance.