Sunday, May 28, 2006

Johnny_Mango's Sunday Wallpaper: Pop Shaffer's Cabin in Mountainair

MOUNTAINAIR--You probably have heard of The Shaffer Hotel and Restaurant...but have you ever seen his cabin and workshop? It's just south of town near where Hwy 55 "wants to turn left."For best results, enlarge picture before using as wallpaper.


Jim Scarantino said...

Johnny: Pop Schaeffer is the Grandma Moses of NM. He was a marvel, and probably drove his wife nuts. He must have spent every waking second creating his creatures, and adorning his hotel and home with his unique style of decoration. The restaurant in the Schaeffer Hotel is pretty darn good. A great place to eat after hiking in the Manzanos.
Johnny, btw, I'm blogging again, on something dear to my heart: enjoying NM wilderness. Please visit me at

Vanessa said...

The detail on the stone house at Rancho Bonito (where Pop's Cabin is) and the barn (also painted wood) are neat too. The stone house, like the concrete and stone fence at the Shaffer Hotel is full of detail that you might miss if you don't take a closer look.