Sunday, May 14, 2006

Johnny_Mango's Sunday Wallpaper: Smokey @ the Crossroads

JEMEZ MOUNTAINS--Tomorrow (Monday) Rob Bob Evans and I start a 3 or 4 day bikepacking adventure in the Jemez. Being prudent, we went up there last week and cached a couple gallons of water in a few spots along our 50 mile route. This forest road intersection was one of them. We made a note of it so we could find it again. We also flagged the spot with blue tape. I hope the water jugs are still there.

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dr peg said...

Now that you're back safely, and not in jail for going in the Forest when it was closed (wasn't it?), I'll ask you how did the backpack go? Did you get rained on? Sunburned? Chewed by mosquitos? Transported by beauty?