Thursday, December 23, 2004

Hop Aboard For a Virtual Ride On the New Articulated Rapid Ride Buses.

NOB HILL--Well, after my misadventure in trying to get on the first bus early this morning (see post below) I went back down to Central Ave. just before noon. I thought the Mayor would board the bus on the westside and go east to Uptown Station. After all, the westside seems to be his favorite part of town. But I was wrong again. He boarded at the Uptown Transportation Center and went far I do not know. He probably got off downtown. Yours Truly, Johnny_Mango, however, rode the whole route, end to end and back again. By the way, rides on the Rapid Ride buses are FREE today and Friday. For those of you who work or are under other time commitments here is a virtual tour of the entire route. Welcome aboard.


mjh said...

Thanks for the info and the pix. This is a cool development. How long does it take to go end-to-end? peace, mjh

johnny_mango said...

I believe the whole trip took about 2 1/2 hours, including short stops at each end of the line.